Dr M defends Perkasa chief’s ‘burn Bible’ call

Christians, what are you waiting sue this bastard

K Pragalath | February 6, 2013
The former premier says that it is normal to torch banned books and that Ibrahim Ali was merely expressing his opinion.
KUALA LUMPUR: Perkasa president Ibrahim Ali’s call to burn bibles with the word Allah drew widespread condemnation but the movement’s patron Dr Mahathir Mohamad sees little if no harm in the statement.
Defending the independent Pasir Mas MP, the former premier said that Ibrahim was merely expressing his opinion.
Furthermore, Mahathir said it was normal procedure to burn banned books.
“It is normal procedure to burn banned books but I don’t think he [Ibrahim] wanted to insult the Bible. It was just his opinion,” he told reporters after attending a function here.
The former premier also took a swipe at PAS spiritual adviser Nik Abdul Aziz Nik Mat when commenting on a Muslim organisation’s call on Muslims to steer clear of South Korean rapstar Psy’s performance at the upcoming Penang Barisan Nasional’s Chinese New Year bash.
The Penang Muslim Network claimed that Psy’s performance contravened Islamic principles.
“Before, some said it was not Islamic if you don’t wear the head scarf.
“I was called an infidel by Nik Aziz for befriending MCA. Now he is also an infidel as he hugged DAP national chairman Karpal Singh.
“Nik Aziz also celebrated Karpal’s birthday and Thaipusam,” he added.
Responding to another question, Mahathir also said that PAS would not dare sever ties with DAP because the Islamic party relied on its partner to pull in votes.
“PAS won’t dare to get a divorce. It relies on the DAP for votes. If PAS quits, it would lose in the general election,” he added when asked to comment on former PAS deputy president Nasharuddin Mat Isa’s statement.
Nasharuddin urged PAS to quit Pakatan Rakyat after he was ousted from the Syura Council last week.

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