Is Hindraf still relevant?

R Shan (Human Being) 

It is an open secret that we practice communal politics in Malaysia - whether it is BN or the opposition. Whether it is healthy is not the question, but what cha25th crowdnges? Even those in the opposition are communal-based if you look at PAS, and presently DAP with their Anglophile agenda. PKR seriously is a doubt, as it has no backbone other than being a well-oiled and well-maneuvered machine with the BN rejects and haphazard political wannabes.    

Hindraf’s history started with the statelessness of the Malaysian Indians, displacement of plantation workers, forceful conversion, and erratic temple demolition that was not a consideration for the others as it did not affect them personally, until there was some form of uniformity amongst the Malaysian Indian community to rise against such atrocities as seen in GE12.

This was not politics, but a forsaken consciousness, and they needed Hindraf to rise and show the people why the Malaysian Indians need not be the scapegoat if we can avoid being the typical artificial Malaysians to protect what is constitutionally sanctioned for our fellow Malaysians.     

Thereafter, all these issues become the backyard playground for every politician - especially the opposition - since GE12 as and when it pleases them like the run-up to the current general election.      

The reality was, it only affected the Malaysian Indians and even if it did effect others, nobody was interested in pursuing it further beyond the typical glossary. If they did, please highlight them and tell them how resolute they were acting like Hindraf?     

The Hindraf leadership or their foot soldiers were not ambitious enough to seek material gains (or what I am going to get out of it, but rather, let me voice the truth and see what I can do for the community).

'Hindraf lives for the truth'

Naturally, it is very self-evident because they are still relevant, although some have diverted from their initial noble intentions when it is politically and materially plausible for their individual needs or how it was portrayed.     

Hindraf in its current form lives for the truth that they continue to indulge in without any pre-conceivable ideas on whether it is political or otherwise, as long as it can serve the basic humanity for a neglected community like the Malaysian Indians.   

The tall order that Hindraf strives for on a humanity basis in Malaysia is because when the truth is not there for convenience for whom that does not know it, or has a blinked view as and when it assuages, but rather for those who have the will to defend the truth for the ones that do it without fear or favor.

This is not politics, but it is the reason why humanity needs the truth and reality as their sidekicks.

Practically speaking, truth and reality for what is humane, has been a great flirt for common folks in Malaysia, especially the Malaysian Indians as they have a tendency to gauge everything on how politically or individually it appeases to them.

This is because they are generally satisfied with hypocrisy, rather than having the common sense to understand why Hindraf is relevant in their drive for the oppressed and marginalised that we are unable to do anything about besides being gibberish for hope in anticipation.

Anticipation is not hope, and hope is not anticipation. Both negates each other when we fail humanity for one another with expectation.

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