2 days back(20/2/2013) ,a group of Al jazeera reporter went into the restricted zone at lahad and were arrested by the our police force for 6 hours. I 've manage to contact with one of the journalist(jamela aisha) that were arrested by our police force and obtain some important report regarding the lahad invasion.

You will never find this news report at astro al jazeera because our information minister had removed this news report from our national television , This is not the first time that our information ministry had edited/removed a portion of Al jazeera report (refer back to al jazeera bersih 3 report).

The situation in lahad is getting worse, the police have seal off all entrance/exist at the restricted zone, all fresh water and food supply in the affected area is getting depleaded, many malaysian citizen living in the area is suffering from malnutrition.

The al jazeera have cover many report in the war zone before and malaysia is the only country that restrict media from covering the event. The reporter from Al jazeera have been through more war zone than all our PDRM/ATM combine. i really dont see the need to restrict media from covering this major event 

Our government is keeping the truth away from us.

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