stage2511I refer to Malaysiakini comment by Terrence Netto dated 14th Feb 2013 and wish to respond accordingly.

In making this clarification I am cautious and take cognisant to the high level confidential discussions that took place initially between PKR on 1st November 2013 and subsequent meetings with top Pakatan Rakyat leadership and still continuing.

We are however disappointed those confidential discussions could be leaked and we believe there is a sinister motive behind this by irresponsible parties to break the possible co-operation between Hindraf and Pakatan

On behalf of Hindraf I made the proposal for Hindraf to contest against all MIC held seats as part of our contribution of bringing about political and social change in Malaysia. This proposal was made from the very beginning of our meeting with Dato Seri Anwar Ibrahim. We made it clear to him that this request for strategic partnership was made to cater the voice of the poor and underclass Malaysian Indians whose voice has never been heard in parliament. It was agreed between parties that further talks should be held on this electoral pact.

In the last GE, Hindraf was instrumental in bringing the following;

1)      breaking the much acclaimed “fixed deposit” Indian votes and deliver that wholesale to opposition candidates;

2)       contributing to the loss of job of a Prime Minister who unprecedentedly had to leave office as result of loss of 2/3 mandate in Parliament;

3)      Contributing to the unprecedented loss of 2/3 majority in Parliament;

4)      Instrumental in gaining extra 4 states.

Our proposal to contest in 7 Parliament and 10 State seats was made upon after consultation with various parties and we have the mandate of the Indian underclass that we represent. Their voice need to be heard at the legislative bodies. Their rights and interests have to be taken into account in formulating the various policies in this country. This is going to be the most bitterly fought elections in the Malaysian history and it is important for Hindraf to be part of that history.

In proposing the 7-10 seats we made it clear that it was negotiable and we will never ask for any seats currently held by incumbent Pakatan leaders.

Our negotiations for seats were conditional upon Pakatan Rakyat endorsing the Hindraf blueprint. In the meeting with Pakatan leadership on the 6th Feb we made it clear to the chair of the meeting that seat discussions were secondary and that our primary concern and goal was to get Pakatan to endorse our proposed blueprint. However we were willing to make any adjustments to the wordings, language or any matter that was of concern in the blueprint to Pakatan leadership.

On the 9th February 2013 we had openly declared vide media statements that we were willing to mobilise thousands of Hindraf volunteers to campaign for Pakatan should Pakatan endorse the Hindraf blueprint. Our main concern is to bring the marginalized Indians into the mainstream of National development.

We are running into the last 30 days before elections. Parliament would be dissolved anytime now. Pakatan has to quickly make a decision as many grassroots Indians wants to know their stand before making up their mind. Our nationwide road shows are continuing and the Hindraf leadership in 7 states are meeting thousands of people weekly.

P.Waytha Moorthy

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