Don't question Malay rights, says Raja Muda of Perlis

SHAH ALAM: No one should question Malay privileges as they are contained in the Constitution, Raja Muda of Perlis Tuanku Syed Faizuddin said.

"The privileges are not only in the economic sector, but also in education and government administration.

"This is evident in Article 153 of the Constitution and should not be questioned," he said in his key-note address at the "Article 153 Discourse: The Special Position of Malays" organised by Universiti Teknologi Mara here yesterday.

Syed Faizuddin said Article 153 had maintained the people's solidarity for more than 50 years and should not be changed because of pressure by certain quarters.

"The achievement of Bumiputeras cannot be separated from government policies like the New Economic Policy.

"People of other races also benefit either directly or indirectly as Malays have to depend on others who had mastered the sector earlier," he said, adding that with the country's growth and stability there were enough opportunities for everyone.

Syed Faizuddin said Malays should also not point fingers at others for their weaknesses or faults but should find out what they were and rectify them so that they could move forward.

"Other races, as minorities, are focused and cooperate among themselves to think of ways to boost their achievement and they have succeeded. They are bold in looking after and fighting for their rights."

Syed Faizuddin said: "Malays must think like a minority, but at the same time must not be shy in showing their talents and excellence as the majority.

"Malays must realise that there is more to life than politics and there are other important things like the unity of the people and the survival of the race itself."


mi1: Ask your descendents, where you originated from, your generation started off from thieves and pirates and sold most of the lands to British without a battle just to satisfy and secure your position.

Without the Indians and Chinese, we would not have achieved the independence and the country would not have progressed.

Who built roads, cutting across jungle and other utilities, you or your father.

Dont talk bull stories and enjoy your luxurious life while it remains only temporarily.

The Indians and Chinese should curse Sambanthan and Tan Siew Sin for their acceptance of appartheid system in Malaysia.

The time has come for Malaysia to declare as a Republic state.

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Anonymous said...

"The time has come for Malaysia to declare as a Republic state".

Agreed! Malaysia can do better without such backward thinking royalty!

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