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11.30am from Azmin Ali

UMNO and the police are attempting to prevent the Chinese and Indian voters from coming out to vote.


RPK’s wife, Marina, reported that Anwar Ibrahim has just arrived at the Tenggiri polling station and is now inside casting his vote. It is not known yet who he is voting for but RPK”s wife said she suspects Anwar could be voting for the AKIM candidate.


Some PKR ‘pondok panas’ were abandoned. It is reported that BN may have bought off some party workers so that there would be no PKR pondok panas to service the voters.

There is a reported heavy presence of security personnel in the Chinese areas. It is suspected that this move is meant to intimidate the Chinese voters so that they do not come out to vote. Some security personnel were seen ‘marching in formation’ as if ready for confrontation.

UMNO is targeting to ensure that Anwar Ibrahim wins with not more than a 10,000-vote majority. If UMNO can reduce Anwar’s majority to a mere 10,000 votes then this will be accepted as a ‘victory’ for BN and a cause for celebration.

Forecasts from the ground say that Anwar may win with a 15,000-17,000 majority. Around 70% of the 58,000 voters are expected to turn out. 69% of the voters are Malays and 31% non-Malays. Anwar is expected to secure 55%-60% of the Malay votes and about 80% or so of the non-Malay votes.

The Bloggers from Kuala Lumpur, who have been campaigning and conducting ceramahs in Permatang Pauh since the weekend, are now on the ground visiting the polling stations. RPK’s wife is also making her rounds of the polling stations in a last-ditch attempt to woo the voters.

Some Information From Permatang Pauh
Below are some information that I got from my contacts in Permatang Pauh. Notice I did not write much about Permatang Pauh. I was following closely thru a few contacts and I didn't want to accidentally expose some vital information to the enemy.

1.0 It seems UMNO had used the "Sumpah Saiful" issue to early. It gave a lot of time for Pakatan Rakyat to neutralize the effects of the issue. The ultimate blow to BN's nose is when the Imam who oversaw the "Sumpah" ceremony of Saiful went public and told that he was used by UMNO to do the Sumpah.

2.0 In the first week of the campaign, we were very worried about the "Sumpah Saiful" ammunition by UMNO. To compound the problem is Anwar Ibrahim's reluctance to conduct the same "Sumpah Ceremony" because he is adhering to Islamic Fatwa from Islamic scholars on the issue. But the Ramlang Ponrigi expose has effectively neutralized the issue.

3.0 Malaysiakini reports "Malays split 60-30 on Saiful's confession" indicates that Malays believing in the UMNO's deception is limited to hard-core UMNO supporters only. Pity for BN because apparently they are banking on this one "silver bullet" and it missed.

4.0 UMNO has been using highly racial and religously sensitive issues against Anwar Ibrahim hoping that the Majority Malay electorate will be swayed. Apparently, they have given up on the non Malay votes and consider the Non malay votes as goners.

5.0 PAS is pulling no stop in helping Anwar Ibrahim reelected as MP for Permatang Pauh. The BN candidate tried to approach Ustaz Hamdan Abdul Rahman hoping to sway him into weakening the PAS election machinery, but Ustaz Hamdan turned him down flat. So, that avenue had failed

That's all I am at liberty to say. All we can do now is pray and get people to come out to vote in large numbers.

source: Malaysia Today

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Samuel Goh Kim Eng said...

Let us all pray for a peaceful by-election
With smooth balloting at every polling station
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Let all parties do their own things without friction

(C) Samuel Goh Kim Eng - 260808
Tue. 26th Aug. 2008.

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