Police double Standard towards Hindraf.

The arrest of the 8 is unwarranted; similarly, they did not arrest those who barge into the bar council forum recently on the spot, why arrest only when it involves Indians, after all the protest was among Indians not involving other races, means that the police on the instruction of the ruling govt have a hidden hand behind the scene. The sleepy head PM's suspicious stop at the temple to receive a memo on the 18points demand is evident to BN's interference and the plot the to crush Hindraf.

Out of the thousands of letters sent to the PM/BN govt, non was acknowledged; why only now the PM showing interest? Samy Velu the liar is behind the scene too.

Hindraf should not give in to such demands and fight for their rights. PKR MP's should take this double standard matter to the parliament. This is total disregard to the rule of law and playing with fire by the govt. and the police. The police and the govt is trying to instill fear among the Indian communityin this country.

The Indians must therefore stand brave and fight all odds. I appeal to all Indians in Permatang Pauh to stand united to defeat BN and crush them. We have to put a full stop to all these nonsence and political hegemony by race based BN. We have to unite under one banner and sent the corrupt govt to hell. Pass this message to all Indians and Hindraf members...

Eight held over Hindraf protest at Chinese templePolice intervening in the dispute between Hindrafsupporters and Hindus carrying out special prayers at a Chinese templein Butterworth yesterday.

BUTTERWORTH: A shouting match arose when supporters of the Hindu Rights Action Force (Hindraf) confronted a group of Hindus praying at a Chinese temple in Seberang Jaya yesterday. Police detained eight Hindraf supporters, including two women.The group of about 50 supporters had gathered outside the Kuan Yintemple in Jalan Todak here to protest the event organised by Hin-duSevai Sangam.

Trouble started when the group, led by HindrafPenang coordinator M.N. Anbalagan, gate crashed a press conference inthe temple about 4pm.

The press conference was being held by former Hindraf secretary V.K. Regu, who is now with Sewai Sangam, to explain the purpose of the prayers at the temple.

Anbalagan had scolded Regu for holding a Hindu event at a Chinese temple and questioned Regu's authority to do so. A shouting match took place between the two and worsened when a PartiKeadilan Rakyat leader, K. Kalaivanar from Sungai Petani, advised thecrowd not to fight.Police stepped in to calm things and theevent, led by Swami Bramanandha Saraswathi from Ku-lim, continued.

However, the quarrel did not end there.Anbalagan and Hindraf supporters protested outside the Chinese temple for another half anhour, causing a jam in Jalan Todak. They demanded that Regu and organisers of the event vacate the Chinese temple immediately. Some supporters lodged a police report at the Seberang Jaya stationagainst the organisers of the event.

Police appealed to the group todisperse but later light strike force personnel detained eight people.Prime Minister Datuk Seri Abdullah Ahmad Badawi had earlier stopped at the temple for a visit.

Superintendent Hamzah Ismail, the supervisor for the election zone,said police picked up the eight to defuse the situation and wouldrelease them after recording their details.


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