Figures Speak The Truth in Permatang Pauh

The number 15,671, per se, means nothing. But with an indepth analysis, we will know how serious the problem is (to BN).

I have an analysis report with me, and I believe BN leaders have got it earlier.

I list down some points of the report as follows:

1. BN lost at all the 28 polling stations;
2. Young voters (starting from the third vote stream) overwhelmingly voted for Anwar;
3. Anwar obtained 67% of all votes (two out of every three persons have voted for him);
4. Anwar obtained 62% of Malay votes;
5. Anwar obtained 78% of Chinese votes.

Firstly, BN's loss at all the polling stations showed that voters, regardless of urban or rural areas, races and ages, preferred Anwar.

Secondly, young voters overwhelmingly supported Anwar and said no to BN. Young voters will keep increasing and by the next general elections in 2013, the percentage of young voters will definitely be higher than today's. With such a trend, BN will be buried.

Thirdly, the overwhelming support rate of 67% has surpassed the two-thirds majority boundary. It is very stable.

Fourthly, 62% of Malay votes hit the nail on Umno's head. Umno's core would be nationalism and Malay privileges, which were heavily promoted during the election campaign. But it did not work and BN's future is now at risk.

Fifthly, Chinese voters have made up their minds to support Anwar, showing that their change of direction during the March general elections has not been incidental. It is hard to imagine that 90% of votes went to Anwar in some Chinese areas like Kg Cross Street and Berapit Road.

BN is currently facing a really serious problem and most BN leaders are still not taking it seriously.

However, figures speak the truth. It happened in Permatang Pauh and it could as well happen elsewhere. Just like a landslide dam that will lead to a breach if no ditch has been dug to drain the water from the dam.

(By TAY TIAN YAN/Translated by SOONG PHUI JEE/Sin Chew Daily)


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