‘BN leading Malaysia to destruction’

Joseph Tawie | February 9, 2013
The litany of scandals revealed in the past year, has shown that ‘BN will not change”.
KUCHING:  Sarawakians were today warned not to succumb to the guiles of the hypnotic ‘snake’ which spins illusions of cheer, harmony and promises of development in their bid to continue ruling the country for the next five years.
Alluding to Barisan Nasional, Sarawak DAP said the Dragon Year (2012) had exposed a litany of scandals involving the ruling regime in Putrajaya and in Sarawak.
The final weeks of the dragon year was filled with testimonies and disclosures of  ‘high level’ involvement in a systematic plan to re-engineer the population’s race and religious ratio in Sabah (and across the nation).
In a Chinese New Year statement, state secretary Chong Chien Jen said: This is very frightening if we view the many scandals that are happening in the country.
“As we welcome the Year of the Snake, we witness the Barisan Nasional leading Malaysia down the path of destruction.
“We see scandals like the exposures by (Sabah) Royal Commission of Inquiry (RCI) of the BN government granting Malaysian ICs to illegal immigrants in Sabah in the 90s for the purpose of overthrowing the then ruling opposition party.
“We see also that the Malaysian Anti-corruption Commission’s non-action in the last two years in respect of allegation of corruption against Sarawak Chief Minister Abdul Taib Mahmud.”
Chong, who is the MP for Bandar Kuching, said that the nation is also being burdened by national debt which had escalated to RM500 billion.
He said other scandals that could destroy the nation included a rising household debts (housing loans, car loans, credit card debts, etc) reaching RM700 billion, the illicit outflow of money from Malaysia amounting to more than RM196.4 billion in 2010  alone and the call by extremist Perkasa to burn Malay versions of  the Bible bearing the term ‘Allah’ and the worsening of security due to thefts, burglaries and murders.
“The decline in the standards of mathematics and science in our secondary schools as revealed by the Trends in International Mathematics and Science Study (TIMSS) is also a cause for concern,” he said.
‘BN will not change’
On the illicit outflow of funds, Chong said that Malaysia is ranked number two in the world as pointed out by US Global Financial Integrity (GFI).
He also expressed regret that the BN government under Prime Minister Najib Tun Razak had been silent on the call to burn the Bible, and as such gave its  tacit approval to such inflammatory act.
“The culture of corruption is deeply rooted in the BN and has become more rampant under the leadership of Najib. His ‘One Malaysia’ slogan is just a farce and has become a joke amongst right-thinking Malaysians.
“BN will not change…,” he said, reminding voters that they should take it upon themselves to change the fate of the nation by electing a clean government in the coming general election.
The party’s New Year message detailing the scandals has been printed in a leaflet and is being distributed by the thousands in Kuching, Bau/Lundu, Serian, and Sri Aman where DAP is likely to contest in the coming polls.

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