Mahathir – a man without conscious

Dr Mahathir is condemning the Opposition leader as being obsessed with becoming PM. He wants the people to listen only to him and to none other as he believes he is a living authority on the Malaysian political scene having been the longest serving PM.
Was he himself not obsessed with desire to become PM?  He was very critical of Tunku’s way of running the country and was projecting himself as being a more capable person to run the country in his “The Malay Dilemma”.
From the tone of his words it looks like he is not confident that the BN will remain in power much longer. So he has started training his guns on the opposition, i.e. vilifying them, preparing his arsenal of “reasons” to give the world for the opposition’s win, if they do win.
In his trade mark sarcastic way he says: “Malaysia had developed well because of its stability and peaceful environment. Anwar knows the damage he could cause to Malaysia’s economy with his massive demonstrations.
“Malaysians might be persuaded to vote for his party in order to avoid suffering economically from the demonstrations. It would be a sad day for Malaysia if this kind of threats are made to win elections,” he added.”
Listen, who is talking! Who went to elections by putting the fear of May 13 in the people election after election? How often was the film “Bukit Kepong” used to frighten people into voting for the BN?
Was Mahathir not obsessed with taking over Sabah when he threatened to take Umno into Sabah and defeat Pairin’s PBS? He now admits that he did authorise the giving of citizenships to the “pendatangs who qualified for it” but claims he does not know how it was implemented.
He says there were no written instructions given. Yes, a leader does not always have to give written instructions, and will not when he does not want to leave any record behind that could implicate him. All he has to do is give the cue and things will be done.
The giving of citizenships to the foreigners in Sabah was at the time he took Umno into Sabah and wanted to overthrow Pairin. So that was the cue – to make sure Umno would have the numbers to take over Sabah. The citizenships on a golden platter were thus given to achieve this objective.
Would the objective have been achieved if citizenships were given only to those qualified under the law? The giving of the golden platter citizenships at the time Umno moved into Sabah was not a co-incidence.
Was he not obsessed with holding on to power at any cost when he set up the kangaroo tribunal and sacked five of the country’s top and best judges and plunged the judiciary into the cesspool it is in today? (No offence is meant to those judges who are honest). On the whole, the judiciary today is a far cry from that of the 50s to the 70s.
To quote him further: “The claim that elections in Malaysia were not clean and the holding of Bersih demonstrations were obviously preparation for accusing the BN government of dirty elections should the opposition lose.
“Demonstrations to condemn the elected government would then be justified. And with the kind of demonstrations seen in Arab countries, the opposition might be able to force a new election. Even if the BN government refuses to hold new elections, the opposition could expect condemnation of BN throughout the world.”
How on earth can elections be clean and fair when 1 vote in Putrajaya is equivalent to 18 votes in Kapar? This is not an isolated case as there are other similar constituencies? Would the election be fair if the total number of votes cast for the opposition is more than 50% but the number of seats they get is much less than 50%?
Was he not obsessed with power when to him an election was not properly won if not won with a two thirds majority so he could change the constitution and laws at his whims and fancies as to him “laws are a hindrance to development”?
As a medical doctor, can he tell us if a 50mg dose of a medicine is approximately equal to a 900mg dose of the same medicine? Is one tablet of Panadol approximately equal to 18 tablets of Panadol?
And the counting of votes at each stream in a polling station is a surreptitious way of spying on the sentiments of voters for gerrymandering purposes to keep shifting the goal posts in favour of the BN. If the BN is not obsessed with holding the reigns of power forever, why is this spying and gerrymandering done in violation of the Constitution?
His 22 years as PM were not legitimate as the EC kept re-drawing constituency boundaries to ensure his victory by two-thirds majority.

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