Be accountable for your spending, Rafidah tells ‘new’ govt

PETALING JAYA: Former federal minister Rafidah Aziz has urged the “new” government led by Prime Minister Ismail Sabri Yaakob to be responsible and transparent in running the country, especially when it comes to its finances.

In a Facebook post, Rafidah reminded the government that every ringgit in its coffers came from Malaysia’s stakeholders, whether it was the rakyat or business entities paying taxes, duties and various fees.

“As such, we, the rakyat, have the right to expect the government, among other things, to be judicious and careful about using public funds at all levels of administration.

“(The government needs) To ensure that every expenditure will benefit the rakyat, whether directly or indirectly; to be accountable for any expenditure and be open to scrutiny by the public accounts committee and Parliament.

“No one will question the use of anybody’s grandfather’s money or one’s inheritance or money earned honestly. But the rakyat will always question how the government spends their (the rakyat’s) money,” she said.

The former international trade and industry minister said no money should be spent on “frivolous” and “ego-boosting” events, as Putrajaya should manage public funds with integrity and a sense of responsibility.

She added that the previous government had used Covid-19 as an excuse to avoid tabling government expenditures in Parliament, while Malaysians only got to know about the millions and billions that have already been spent.

“It is bad and irresponsible management and governance when the books are not open to scrutiny.

“It is hoped that the so-called ‘new’ government will show responsibility and integrity in running our country, and not continue to do things that will ultimately ruin our country.

“There is only a thin line between ‘running’ the country, and ‘ruining’ it,” she warned.

The new government has already come under attack for a “Welcome” billboard for the prime minister paid for by the district office of flood-hit Kuala Muda district in Kedah and the abnormally large entourage travelling with him on the official airplane and an estimated 50-car convoy.


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