Taliban captures ‘2 Malaysians’ among Isis militant group

PETALING JAYA: Taliban militants in the Afghan capital Kabul have captured six members of Isis (the Islamic State organisation), two of whom might be Malaysians.

The British newspaper The Times said the group had fought for the Isis-K faction, an offshoot of Isis which operates in south and central Asia.

“Four are Afghans but it seems the other two are Malaysians,” Taliban criminal investigation department chief Saifullah Mohammed was quoted as saying. “They aren’t as tough as they think they are. We’ve just beaten the armies from 36 countries in Nato (the North Atlantic alliance) so we know we can capture and kill the Daesh (Isis) wherever we find them.”

The report said the men had surrendered after a gunfight a few hours after a deadly suicide attack at Kabul airport, reportedly conducted by Isis-K, in which about 200 people were killed, among them British and US soldiers.


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