What people feels about Mahathir?

***Mahathir helm for 23 years, bagged the epithet of “Papa of modernization of Malaysia”, as if Malaysia will not modernize without him, all the while promoting racism and nepotism, destroyed judicial independence, stripping the rulers of their power, installed tons of white elephants that made Malaysia ostensibly shiny but hollow between the ears. 

***Then he came back and destroyed Malaysia’s only viable political alternative to BN rule (ok not to deny the alternatives are kind of bunch of crooks themselves to begin with), in the process inadvertently catalyze the marriage between Umno and PAS, pushing the country towards greater intolerance. If all these are just done for money and glory he would have walked away because he had already bagged so many. But no, all these are done to satisfy his itch from his marginal personality disorder and none for the good of the country and its people, which makes it even more heinous. What do you think?

***He is the main reason for Malaysia's political instability. If it is not because of his issues with Anwar back in 1998, I think we can still become a better country. Mahathir is the reason why we have political corruptions in our country, because he allows corporation to fund his election and win election for his own benefits and he is still expecting his other successors to follow his way. Hence, he was never in a good relationship with any of the PMs after him. 

***He came to campaigned for PH candidates for the last seven by-elections. All of them lost. That tells a lot about how Malaysians now hate him. The strange thing is that, despite losing by elections seven times, all using the same rhetoric of slandering Najib Razak, he still thinks he is great. 

***He was loved which allowed for his return as a PM. But, he had not performed upon his return and now had reduced influence.

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