Gempar!!! Kedudukan Ismail Sabri semakin goyah, Agong berhak alihkan 18 SD MP GPS kepada Anwar

Do not lose heart. Heaven is great. Still have a chance that we may be spared of Ismail Sabri and UMNO. Still got chance for a real change in government.

On paper Ismail Sabri already has 115 MPs whilst Anwar has 105 MPs. Total 220 MPs. 2 seats vacant due to no re-election because of Covid 19.

Included in the 115 MPs for Ismail Sabri are the 18 MPs from Sarawak. Apparently, the 18 MPs statutory declarations to the King mentioned Ismail Sabri as PM, or whoever the Tuanku deems fit to be the PM.

That is why the King now wants to meet the 115 MPs individually today (Thurs) and has also called for a special meeting of the Rulers on Friday. The reasons for the two meetings are because, firstly, the King wants the MPs to re-affirm their stand so that he can make an informed decision, whilst the second one is to let the Rulers collectively decide on the Sarawak’s MPs SDs.

If the Rulers select Anwar as PM, then the 18 MPs will give Anwar 123 MPs, comfortably well above the simple majority of 111, resulting in a stable govt.

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