Selangor is doing better in fighting the pandemic

1 STFC - a think-tank to help key decision making based on Data & Science eg Progs in Targetted Testings & 'POIS'.

2 Testings are meant to Find & Isolate Early +ve Cases (FTTIS). To REDUCE DAILY CASES Numbers IS NOT the Purpose for doing testing!

3. The Plan is to Detect Early Cat 1& 2 Cases & to be lSOLATED Early and Monitored at HOME DIGITALLY.

4. Cat 3 & above will be Hospitalised. The OUTCOME would be to remove cases OUT of the Community & BREAK the chains of transmission.

5. Early Diagnosis would alllow Early Medical Intervention. This would lead to LOWER FATALITY RATE!
Hospitalisation Nos, ICU cases & Ventilation cases hv either levelled off or declined in Klang Valley (KV)
Other states now showing an (Exp) increase.

6. Despite more ABSOLUTE NUMBER of DAILY CASES in Selangor (Recall my Parl Debate - We DONT FEAR Nos BUT DEATH), due among others, to the wide Testings, OUR CFR is equal to the National Average.
SELANGOR is surely performing BETTER than Johor, KL, Labuan, NS, Pahang & Perlis.

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