The Real Fight in Malaysian Politics is always between the Malays and not the Non Malays.

By 2050 Malaysia will have only 10-15% Non Muslims/Malays. 

That’s only a generation away..

The Fight for Malay Rights will be a Non-Issue in the near future. 

Don't forget that the Malaysian Chinese and Indians today only comprise 25% of the Total Population and this percentage is fast dropping. In 10 Years time, it may be only 20% and in 15 Years, only 15% because of Emigration and Lower Birth Rate, the Non Malay Population is Shrinking Fast.

So, whether you pay attention to Malay Rights or not, in 10 Years' time, it will become a Non-Issue. They don't even have to debate that matter with you any more as it becomes a Non-Issue, whether you like it or not! 

The route for Non Malays for your Future Well -Being is to Be Strong on your Own Merits. Malay Rights will become irrelevant.

By then, we will be begging on the issue of Minority Rights.... like the Blacks in America!

The Equal Rights debate will diminish for Non Malays, more so in 10 to 15 Years time. 

Your only hope is to Be Strong on your Own Self

That is why I say, We must become Strong on Our Own Merits. 

Educate Yourself, Improve Your Skills make yourself Needed and Important to earn your Universal Rights in any country.

You can then be Respected and Welcomed Anywhere You Go, Thus earning your Universal Rights.

So the reality is this : 

In 20 Years' time (and that's a short time), the debate in Malaysia will be between the Muslim Fundamentalists (PAS) and the Muslim Liberals (perhaps UMNO, PKR, AMANAH, PPBM, etc).... forget about MCA, Gerakan, DAP. 

Today, UMNO is happily talking and working with PAS without even discussing with MCA or MIC. Why? Because MCA and MIC are already Unimportant to them.

In 20 Years' time, the Chinese and Indians in Malaysia will become Unimportant and Irrelevant to the Malays, Politically! And that is A FACT!

So, Get Prepared Do you know that at one time, the Chinese and Indians made up to 50% of Malaysian Population? What's it now?

So, the question of Malay  Rights will not be a question anymore in 10 to 15 years' time. 

It will become more a question of Minority Rights --- like the Ethnic Asians in the US, Europe, Australia, Canada, etc.  It will no longer be a question anymore because we will become an even Smaller Minority. Take It or Leave It .... that will be the new reality! 

At least in the West there is Human Rights to protect the Minority while in Malaysia there is None. 

So, you can only Make Yourselves Strong .... One way or another. 

Like the Jews. If Not, you will continue to Lag Behind, not only in Malaysia but anywhere in the world! Educate Your Children too on the above matter. They will be the ones who feel the greatest impact!

Prof. Dr. Jayaprakash.

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