Wild accusations the strategy of BN?

It is obvious from his rantings against Pakatan Rakyat that PM Najib is bankrupt of ideas and is in a panic mode before the 13th general election.
Prime Minister Najib Tun Razak was reported as saying, “The Opposition only thinks about chaos. A vote for them is a vote for riots, disturbances and demonstrations”. This statement, carried in an English daily dated Dec 16, 2012, was made during his opening speech at the 1Malaysia Veteran Recognition Programme a day earlier.
Has he run out of ideas on how to gain the people’s support? Why is the leader of a nation who aspires to be a great statesman making such an artless statement? It is obvious that he is in a panic mode before the 13th general election. This is unacceptable and totally debunks the concept of moderation that he talks so much about.
He must remember that moderation also means not being extreme in clinging on to power. Why is he preaching one thing and practising another? His rantings at Pakatan Rakyat are baseless and his desperation is showing.
“He is dragging his feet wherein the 13th general election is concerned because he is really uncertain of the outcome. He is running scared besides running for election,” remarked Dzulkefly Ahmad, the Kuala Selangor PAS MP.
Dzulkefly’s colleague, Mahfuz Omar the PAS Pokok Sena MP said that Najib now has no choice but to dissolve Parliament before March 8 or else everyone will see clearly that he is afraid to hold the polls.
Recently too, some financial analysts have come out to say that a change in government will be bad for the economic health of the nation. Since when do financial analysts become biased and one-sided?
According to this columnist’s businessman friend, more investors will be coming in if Pakatan forms the next federal government because investors want a clean and transparent government.
Everyone knows that contracts and bids for projects are lost due to kickbacks and cronyism so it is illogical to claim that a less than transparent government is good for the nation’s economy.
This is especially when the country is also known for illicit fund outflows as shown by the Global Financial Integrity (GFI) Report. This report stated that in the year 2010, close to RM200 billion of illicit funds was transferred out of the country.
And an extremely great example of a controversial project is none other than the NFC cattle-breeding project. All these instances make Malaysia seem far from being a First World nation.
BN’s flip-flopping
Najib must also come out strongly to rebut the allegations leveled at him by a certain businessman as in this internet era people all over the world can read what is going on in Malaysia.
Instead he and the rest of the BN leaders have busied themselves attacking DAP by saying that DAP has failed to live up to its ‘Malaysian Malaysia’ concept. Why rail at the DAP?
A PAS supporter has furnished a perfect reply to the BN leaders in Facebook’s Road To Putrajaya page by saying: “Is there a top Chinese leader in Umno? Is there a top Malay leader in MCA? If no, then shut up.”
As to why DAP has only a few Malays, the same PAS supporter replied that it is not surprising that DAP has only a few Malays because most of the Malays have joined either PAS or PKR. He further lambasted the BN leaders for making stupid statements about DAP. And this is a PAS supporter defending DAP!
In this current age of instant technology, peddling slogans without substance is risky. For example the 1Malaysia slogan. The concept of this slogan has been proven to fail due to remarks made by insensitive parties. Who can forget the way S Ambiga (Bersih co-chair) was victimised after the Bersih 3.0 Rally on April 28 this year?
It is clear that the BN leaders are still stuck in Stone Age. They have not changed although they sometimes claim that they will change. The BN leaders say that not all change is good. But sometimes they also say “we must change or else we will be changed by the rakyat”. So which is it? Their stand is flip-flopping all the time.
Then there is also their political ceramahs where they give different messages to different audiences. Umno will say to the Malays that if Pakatan wins, DAP will control the nation but MCA says to the Chinese that if Pakatan wins it is PAS who will be the one in control.
The only thing consistent about the BN leaders is their inconsistency! They have yet to realise that in this day and age it is possible to instantly record their speeches and put it up on the internet for comparisons to be made.
Thus when the rakyat compare notes, their falsehood is revealed! Now that their duplicity have failed, they resort to portraying Pakatan PR in bad light through the mainstream media by saying that PR has failed to keep its promises in this matter and that matter.
Of course Pakatan is not perfect but what about the huge national debt (currently standing at RM502 billion) chalked up during the tenure of the incumbent BN federal government especially during the tenure of PM Najib?
What about crime and corruption? What are its actual figures? Robberies and snatch thefts are a common occurrence and everyday when one watches the 8pm news there is always some murder somewhere.
All in all, it is sad to say that the state of the nation is now mired in mismanagement. When will all this wrongdoing be stopped?
Selena Tay is a FMT columnist.

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