Hindraf celebrates International Human Rights Day

7For the first time Hindraf celebrated International Human Rights Day at Freedom Square in Kuala Lumpur on 10.12.12. It was a day to excert pressure on the Malaysian Government on its international obligations to fulfil international standards of Human rights. The event was attended by a small group of 70 Hindraf supporters aged 7 up to 80 years old.
The event was observed by almost 50 Police officers and KL City Hall enforcement officers. Mr. Ganesan the adviser of Hindraf stressed the need to have strong Human Rights laws in the country to protect the weak and defenceless community. He reiterated Hindraf's commitment to end racism in Malaysia and that Hindraf would be at the forefront to advocate this principle.

Madam Meenachi  a 75 year  senior citizen spoke on her frustrations on the violations of Human Rights in Malaysia. She told the crowd that she was 7 years old when Malaysia achieved independence but she and her parents knew that would not be in independent citizens instead would be recolonised by the Malay UMNO government. She looked forward for the day when all Malaysians would be treated with equality and respect.

W.Sambulingam thanked all participants and assured them that through their attendance they have promoted Human rights in Malaysia. It was a symbolic day for Malaysian Indians and that Hindraf would continue to struggle on the path of Dharma (truth).

Waytha Moorthy who later spoke to journalists raised his concern that in the process of wanting political change in the country, the people should not be short changed. Change should meal real changes- the cleaning up of the judiciary, police force, dismantling of the Biro tata negara which is responsible for implementing racist policies in this country, and granting of  equality in rights and dignity for all communities

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