Malaysian government should leave Sabahans to live in harmony and not exporting religious extremism

TAWAU: Municipal Council and Jheains officers raided 'Serve No Pork' restaurants, here, and were shocked to discover that a few were, indeed, selling it.

Council enforcement officer Haji Azinun Sanarul who headed the three hour operation, Tuesday, said the Islamic community's concern and doubts about whether these premises are halal were proven to be true.
According to him, Muslims are unsure of the 'Serve No Pork' restaurants due to the absence of logos or signboards which can give them such assurance.
"The meaning of halal is not only based on selling non-halal food but also includes overall cleanliness which is trusted and safe in terms of consumption," he said, after their operation to check the level of cleanliness to ensure consumer safety, Monday.
"What is actually shocking is the fact that there are business owners out there who are selling pork and there are even Muslims who rent out their business premises to people who sell pork."
He explained that Muslim licence holders are not allowed to sell food or drinks that are categorised as non-halal.
Azinun added that those holding these licences can be asked to close their premises and have their business licences cancelled.
During the operation, about 20 young Muslim women who were working in non-halal premises were given counselling by Jheains. (DE)

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