Shouldn't we be told WHY Altantuya was killed - Gobind ticks off UMNO lapdogs

Shouldn't we be told WHY Altantuya was killed - Gobind ticks off UMNO lapdogs
Perkasa and an ex-PKR man has asked me and Tony Pua to come clean on who is to pay debts of Deepak Jaikishan allegedly amounting to RM170m.
Why are they asking us such questions? How do they know how much debts Deepak has? What have we got to do with it? Why don't they ask Deepak instead?
They are pathetic. They should check their facts first before talking and not shoot blindly in the dark. If they have evidence that either me or Tony are privy to Deepak's debts or his debt settlement arrangements, then say it and show us the evidence.
If they have no evidence of this, and I am sure they have none, then they should just shut up and get on to other more important things like asking the PM and his wife to respond to the allegations made by Deepak of late.
Questions the entire country wants answers to
Perhaps they can tell us, shouldn't we be told why Altantuya was killed? Has the AG revealed this in court or outside? Why not? Apparently those charged for her murder didn't know her. So why would they want to shoot her in the head and blow her body into bits? Were these men of ordinary rank? Don't special officers act under orders? If so, did anyone give orders? Who gave the orders? Why weren't all these aspects probed? Why is our government not interested in getting to all these answers? Why is Malaysia avoiding these questions?
In the cases of Teoh Beng Hock, Kugan, Aminulrasyid and Ahmad Sarbani Mohamed, amongst others, the whole country demanded for answers. We wanted to know what happened. The PM knows full well what needs to be done in cases like these. The AG also knows that inquiries in cases like these are meant to dig out the truth. Who did it and more importantly why? Were others involved? If there were, shouldn't they be probed as well and punished if found guilty?
Why did Bala retract his first Statutory Declaration? Who drafted the 2nd Statutory Declaration and why? What role did the PM play in all this, if any?
These people should'nt sidetrack the issue. Get to the point. I am telling them here and now that we are not privy to Deepaks debt details nor his debt settlement arrangements, if any. And we really have no reason to be privy to such details at all. Now, they should tell us shouldn't we all be told why was Altantuya killed?

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