Why should MACC provide alibi for lawyer? Is MACC another bar council?

YOURSAY 'Both lawyers Cecil Abrahim and son Sunil are articulate men. Let them clear their names themselves.'

Police should take up Bala's SD2, says ex-CID chief

your sayAdilawan: Why is the Malaysian Anti-Corruption Commission (MACC) panel providing an alibi for senior lawyer Cecil Abraham?

Both he and his son Sunil are articulate men. Let them clear their names themselves.

The conscienceless double agent Kim Philby, one of the Cambridge Five, was able to deceive the British government and its intelligence agency for 33 years. But the Soviets did not think much of his ability as a spy.

In fact, they were using him in a minor role only, and as often happens to crooks who betray the trust of the people, he was never given the honour promised him, i.e. he was never made a colonel of the KGB.

Carpet trader Deepak Jaikishan is learning the hard way that the pirates will kick you in the butt when they have no more use for you.

And why do we ordinary citizens who dutifully pay our taxes and practise the common decencies of life allow the pirates to rip us off continually? Are we more docile than Balaam's donkey and is our IQ lower than Goofy's?

To save ourselves and the country, we must act. The Hindraf rally of November 2007 demonstrated the potency of ‘people's power'. So what is holding us back?

Jesse: The police force has been compromised and they are too scared to investigate the top brass. It may be the end of their career.

Despite mounting evidence of wrongdoing and criminal activities, the authorities are silent like a mouse, including the alleged guilty parties. If untrue, why not sue for defamation?

After all, some judges can be fixed as well. In an old Indonesian saying, it is said that if you are in big trouble, just go out and buy a judge or even several.

However, some local judges' integrity seems intact and it would be the end for these corrupt leaders if they sit on the case.

Abasir: The decision not to charge private investigator P Balasubramaniam was made with the sole intention of protecting those allegedly involved in the gruesome murder of Mongolian interpreter Altantuya Shaariibuu. All god-fearing Malaysians know that.

Anak JB: We are becoming the butt of jokes about the state of our nation over this unresolved Altantuya case and the commission paid for the submarines.
My overseas friends are making fun of us. I hope the end is near when the rakyat finally votes in a government that has the guts to walk the talk.

Mahashitla: Deepak's revelations may have exposed a web of conspiracies and deceits at the highest level of government to the cover-up of Altantuya's murder.

It's a gigantic task for inspector-general of police Ismail Omar to defend PDRM's badge of honour and see that the interest and security of this nation are in good hands.

Altantuya's trial must be revisited starting with Deepak's revelation of Bala's second SD (statutory declaration). A powerful investigating team should to be set up.

Failure to do so will invite more criticisms. The world is watching.

Anonymous_3f55: There are two SDs. One contradicts the other. The first SD took months to prepare with lawyer Americk Singh Sidhu ensuring it be clearly documented.

The second SD is full of "holes". We don't even know who prepared it. From the two SDs, one can see which is the truth. Only a blind, dumb and deaf person would think the second SD is valid.

Boycott MSM: Former Kuala Lumpur Criminal Investigation Department chief Mat Zain Ibrahim, you are absolutely right.

This case must be investigated or else the whole nation would come to only one conclusion, that this is a big cover-up by the powers-that-be.

All we have now is deafening silence from all quarters, including the mainstream media.
Gobind: We don't know Deepak's debt details

Not Confused: Reading about all the increasingly salacious machinations surrounding the lame duck premier and his ostentatious wife makes me ponder on the principal malaise that Malaysia suffers from - it's the power that money or material gain can have over one's principles.

I'm not pointing fingers at anyone on either side of the political divide here, but it just seems that almost anyone will say anything or do anything, regardless of the impact on whoever, if their palms are crossed with money, land/property or the keys to an expensive car.

It's so sad that a supposedly majority Muslim country should have sunk to such depths, promoted and encouraged by an increasingly corrupt regime and its fanatical support groups.

I wait with baited breath for the next instalments in the many stories that are swirling around here.

Dr Jag#04496187: More talk, more revelations, more scandals, more SDs, more of every measure of Malaysian pathos. But still no revolution.

Malaysians must mistakenly still think the elections will make a difference. - Malaysiakini

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