HINDRAF struggle requiring sacrifices

My sickly mother does not want her sons in jail

Talking about my mother G. Kalaivany, like any other mother she does not want to see her son in prison. But I told her that someone had to make the sacrifice and her reply was “but why should it be my sons” (Waytha Moorthy included). After the attack on my car on two occasions in two weeks, the second being the attack at gun point by a group believed to be the police(in 2005) and the police subsequently sending me a life bullet by Poslaju courier at the height of my Police Watch and Human Rights committee activities, someone commented to her that I was doing things for the publicity. My mother like any other mother felt very upset. She said that I had literally put my life on the line and could have been shot dead on that fateful day and how would the publicity matter then!

After my arrest my usually sickly mother suddenly turned out to become an activists. I was shocked seeing her pictures in the press covering the Prime Minister’s office at Putrajaya, Parliament house and also doing road shows the latest being the Selayang Dinner on 24/8/2008 where my mother officially launched the Hindraf flag. I am sure proud of my mother.


My mother turned activist from housewife

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