More than 60% of Malaysians are politically mutated

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Today after more than half a century of independence-experience, Malaysians have become politically mutated. Before you revolt at this allegation, do take a re-look at the symptoms:

First, Malaysians are very forgetful – and let us not hoodwink ourselves by claiming that we are rather forgiving:

After an election, we put up with all kinds of silly, rubbishing antics of politicians. And closer to an impending election we forget all those issues that we were not happy with in the past. That is our political EQ (emotional quotient) cycle.

Second, we complain but cannot stop patronising the very issue we ranted about:

When prices escalate because of greedy traders, we do not know how to boycott buying. When there is news of a fuel hike, we rush to the nearest kiosk and kill man-hours just to get our fuel tanks to the brim. For us, that is smart thinking. We do not know how to boycott by finding ways and means to cut our fuel consumption quantity.

Third, Malaysians fear their own shadows:

When there is a call to make your voice heared, we opt for indifference. The argument we dish out is, “it is dangerous” or "buat apa sebuk!". When there is a signature campaign to garner support over an issue or concern, we fear that “we will be found out”.

Fourth, Malaysians suffer from standing up and be counted:

Just take a look at the huge number of readers who write comments on the net under fictitious and “anonymous” names. The act of owing up for what you believe in is a dangerous crime for many although they will convincingly argue that they are entitled to confidentiality.

Fifth, Malaysians cannot raise and hold an argument without getting personal or abusive:

This trait is glaringly evident from the conversations that take place at our warongs and what we write as ‘comments’ in the net. It is all about our degrading IQ levels.

Sixth, the word ‘politics’ is now deemed a dirty word or worse, “keep away from that” subject:

This is most evident within the corridors of the pubic service sector. Walk into any government agency and try to strike a conversation centred on politics. Either you get a fixated glance or the staff will find the slightest excuse to move away from you.

Or when in the coffee shop try to talk politics with a little volume that is merely loud enough for a passing-by stranger to catch a few words audibly. You are bound to get an immediate reprimand from your audience of friends sitting around you or a kind advice to be "careful-lah bro".

The subject of politics appears to be a self-censured word and is deemed as ‘banned’ from public conversation. Politics is only for politicians - that seems to be the mindset.

Finally, we also cannot have faith in democratic elections. We fear any untested political promise. We rather not rock the cradle of politics because for us a tested evil is better than an untested one - that probably seems to be the defining political logic.

Now who do we blame for all these poltical mindset mutations? Could it be the food we have eating for five decades? Or is it part of a larger agenda beyond our comprehension? Or is it that there is something seriously wrong with us all?

Fortunately, we were not like this during the pre-independence days. Otherwise we would never have been able to fight the communist threats of yester-years nor secure independence.

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