Pakatan Rakyat: Focus on similarities and not the differences

Written by: Dr. John Brian

It is an open secret that BN wanted PR to split and get disunited. Their agent in this blog Akih Hawong is trying his best to get PKR and SNAP supporters to quarrel by providing misleading information and planting seed of doubt in DayakBaru. SNAP is very much a part of Pakatan Rakyat and Edwin being a principled political leader is trying his best to organize SNAP into a potent force to beat BN in seats allocated to SNAP by PR.

Focus on similarity and not the differences

Actually it is best we do not discuss the topic on the “differences” of PR components but rather focus on the their similarity of wanting to end BN rule in Sarawak. Akih Hawong was given some government school construction projects and now he just started a new business in the oil palm industry. He intended to keep this business given by BN being a ex-co member in a BN component. But what he did is to get PKR and SNAP to quarrel so that PRS / SPDP would win and the expense of Dayak wants for change. It is selfish and it is totally to protect his personal interest. Life has been hard for Akih Hawong and now he has just found some successes and he will do anything to keep it.

Akih Hawong is a real person and a professional saboteur

There is a weakness to this Akih Hawong. He wanted to become an elected Wakil Rakyat 0 a YB but he has NO GUT to lose his new found income. Therefor he is not sincere in wanting to help the Dayak people but is looking for better footing to launching his personal business interest. He is frustrated in a silent way caused by his self ego. That is the reason why it takes him so long to find success. Now he has some success he has great fear in losing it YET again. But he he continue with is current behaviour he will lost the success again. His success foundation is founded on steeping on the weakness pf others and take the opportunity to succeed at the expense of Dayak.

DayakBaru, please ignore Akih Hawong. He is a senior Dayak person and he mixes with the BN and PR leadership because they can see him for what he is but has yet to see his scheme of political deceit and treachery. Soon word will spread around to check the progress of this character in bringing disunity to the Dayak. The President of his party is of the same feather and that is why he gives blessing to Akih Hawong to do what he is doing now.

He attended SNAP symposium in Sibu as a BN person and got blessing from his BOSS. He attended the symposium because he wanted to see who attend and what is being said. He is also looking for opportunity to see whether their is any weakness in SNAP that he can exploit to benefit himself and sell the information to BN to add achievement to his name as a professional saboteur.

PKR and SNAP must remain focus

PKR and SNAP are both a big threat to PRS, SPDP and PBB PESAKA. For Chinese, DAP is giving SUPP a hard time. A strong SNAP will add more bite to PR effort to bring change to Sarawak. Effort to strengthen SNAP is complimentary to PR has it has the right ti make itself strong. There is no need for Dayak to leave PKR. There are many more “atas pagar” that SNAP can win with their potential if SNAP could uncover their correct strategy and action. Leadership is crucial a factor for consideration before atas pagar can support SNAP. There is little doubt about what SNAP has got to offer.

Of course SNAP must not depend on their historical record and so are former PBDS leaders. Time has changed the political culture particularly that of the young voters. The issues may not have changed but the way the voters see land issues now is more of “economic opportunity” rather then “rights” for example.

Many great potential Dayak leaders of yesterday may have lost their colour today. So offering such leaders today may be a wrong strategy. But then we will leave that to SNAP leadership wisdom. Young people like to work with unknown quantity and willing to take risk to see new leaders develop. Dependent on tested leader is an easy strategy but the atas pagar may have a different view.

Work hard on the ground to get vote

This is crucial as many Pakatan Rakyat candidate are not “rich” people but they are definitely not corrupted like the BN candidates so investing on low budget meet the people session is a real gain. Voters are already changing. There are not expecting big expenses from Pakatan Rakyat but expect great ideas to meet their needs that has been ignored by BN.

The voters are also aware of BN manipulation of information and despite BN assurance of being more transparent and telling the truth, the people see otherwise. It is for this new development that PR components have to focus on providing explanation to the people of the various issues affecting Sarawak. It is a case of the voters now can identify BN false promises and willing to take a second opinion from Pakatan Rakyat. It is up to Pakatan Rakyat to exploit this development in the mind of the voters.

Minor Rural Project

This is one big issue that Pakatan Rakyat must exploit. The “naik Taraf” project has been misused by BN elected representatives. the money allocation arew claimed for payment but very little work is done to actually effect a ‘naik taraf”. Village roads remain impassable to moter cycle and let alone car. But the money has been claimed by the contractors usually with link to the YBs.

The BN “cheat” is slowly showing as Pakatan Rakyat started to expose BN YBs corrupt practice through abuse of power.

Nevertheless, many YBs are still trying to use MRP to win the election. I am not sure whether these BN YBs understand that they are developing the people into “weaker minded” communities rather then the strong and independent minded people. The government wanted people to be dependent on them but yet they cannot deliver the needs of the people. This is largely because of their personal business and fighting for position in the government.


Pakatan Rakyat Leadership are new people and untested but that does not mean they are not capable. This are people with potential on which Dayak can pin their hope to a better future.

We must make the Change happen by Change WE Must. -

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