Malaysia's political road map to 2020: The last 9 years

We are short of nine years to entering 2020 - the defining moment that is supposed to qualify Malaysia as a 'developed' nation.

We have more than fifty years behind us as an independent, self-governing nation.

We have the experience of having held twelve general elections and are now speculating when the 13th general elections will be called.

We have towering buildings and continue to build more structures that scream for the skyline.

We have earned the title of a promising 'tiger' although we are not too sure if that still applies.

Even the United States of America has praised us a a model nation for all other developing countries to learn from or emulate.

But what remains like a festering wound on the nation's rib of virtues and values is our political road map.

We only believe that there is only one political party that can govern the nation till kingdom come. Any other contradictory thoughts are not welcome. All those on the other side of the fence who are also labelled as "opposition" parties are quickly dismissed as anti-government and in some cases also suspiciously regarded as traitors to the nation.

If we want the "opposition" to qualify to be the next government, then we must be mindful that this will mean trouble - bloody trouble mind you, for all. After all no one should take the words and warnings of the prime minster for granted, right?

We cannot rip ourselves away from the parasitic race-religion war game. It is perpetuated time and again.

We are inclined to fight for racial rights - economic, social and political, rather then defend civil liberties and humanity.

It has taken us more than fifty years to proclaim a 1Malaysia campaign when we had it all enshrined in our Constitution on Independence Day way back as early as 1957.

Our politicians show their real colors during any election campaign trails. And the colors are often demeaning and insulting. There is not much to say about intelligent, smart, caring,loving and exemplary conduct.

Looking at each passing election campaign trail, one cannot help feeling that it is also a great time for entertainment, feasting, freebies and a carnival of sorts that comes flavoured with vulgarity and demonising or demeanng of political opponents.

In short our political rod map appears frightening with too many missing tulips (path finders), dark alleys, shrouded secrets, and what have you.

Now, with only nine years to 2020 and a likely two more general elections, are we saying that our political road map will magically transform into 'developed' world standard?

Wonder what the rakyat (readers) take is on these thoughts...... and pray politicians who are the architects of this nation's road map into the future will wake up, listen and take positive action. - Malaysia Chronicle

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