Self-seeking, selfishness, looking after own skin all mean the same thing and is the hallmark of UMNO

The extent we acknowledge this in selves and govern it for good and in the wider implications of national life, if this instinct is galvanized and directed towards and for altruistic good of the rakyat ie, good for all, regardless colour and greed, then we are safe.

What we have today in the mandated regime going into the 54th year with an unmandated leader at present is the reason why MC comes into being and where we still are able to express freely what we truly think and try to understand what we watch with initial anger, despair and gradually with more insight and info, despair turns into alarm and more anger, which also we learn to channel constructively - please know that, and this is addressed to the writer of this article, words no matter how foul, are to be used, when they need to be used: i have no regrets using the b words especially on this forum, otherwise i would have expired due to mental exhaustion.

Am writing as one who was part of this regime where i toiled with honest sweat and labour at the beginning and throughout. Until i got to the top and was invited by superior to participate where lying, hoodwinking, fingering figures and funds are part of the game because everyone's doing it - that's how badly entrenched the corruption cancer has invaded the whole system. Refusing to participate brought on stress and fear for life at moments. Choosing to leave at peak of pay and career uncompromised, does not mean painting self as holier than thou but a choice one makes to retain sanity. MC is very therapeutic as it surfaced at the same time time when i needed to vent out all my anger as a rakyat. Out of the system, i have found the freedom to talk and fight against a system i deplore to channel this anger and alarm.

Ignorance, apathy are the greatest stumbling blocks to change.

There is hope yet. It's a matter of how long. Winds of change have swept out the corrupt couple in Tunisia. Winds of change are blowing through Jordan, Egypt and Yemen. Albania is taking Tunisia's lead. Maybe we have not reached economic hardship and suffering to really, really hurt or are plain ignorant of our rights as citizens of a supposedly civilized and democratic state, BUT the vicious circle perpetuates as long as the cunning con-men at the helm continues to throw crumbs to fleece. The nightmare continues: even with the prospect of GE 13, we face the trickery and tyranny of a regime bold-faced about gerrymandering, postal, phantom and now proxy voting, not forgetting the upfront nice and fraudulent guys right from the top, good at duit (pilihan) raya which brings smiles and cheers to the very people they keep oppressed in ignorance, misinformation, disinformation, marginalized and at their mercy.

It's never too late for the rakyat to learn and know the truth AND CHANGE BUT WE CAN NEVER GIVE UP NOR GIVE IN TO THESE BASTARDS. There, i have used it, a b word to describe these traitors to nation and people.

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Malaysian Indian Ethnic Cleansing by UMNO led government