Perspective on “INTERLOK” issue by a Malaysian Chinaman.


Well, what can I say? We the Chinese will sit silently and watch the fun whereas the Malays will not even want to touch this issue as it against a Malay novelist irrespective the bluff game.

You may say that it is not pertinent enough of an issue, but it is for the Malaysian Indians when in blanket they are classified as a “Pariah” race in Malaysia that has been made a compulsory story for those in Form 5.

The point to ponder is, we talk about One Malaysian, Malaysian First, various ultra vires websites and blogs like you know who, yet this topic is not even touched as the relevance seems to be at the minimum as they represent the bare minority although that could be the vote swing in an election.

Now you would wonder where is this One Malaysia, UMNO driven and Malaysian First driven by the opposition when neither actually raises any voice from the Malay or Chinese on such blatant representation by this novel “Interlok”? Can I blame HINDRAF or HRP to take their stand that they can only stand for themselves and their communities when the rest would are seriously not bothered what happens to them?.

Look at this site, . Sure this has been happening time immemorial, yet today it is nothing but an political agenda but not one that is serious enough for the community to come together. Can you really blame the Malaysian Indians?

We all know that the UMNO led government with its mandores with their never ending agenda tried to create further disunity between the races in Malaysia with their sanction of the fictional and unsubstantiated “Interlok” novel as a compulsory study material for Form Five students, yet how did the rest actually respond to it other than, why bother another Indian issue not our problem.

By now, you may or assume either I am an Indian lover or even an Indian writing this under a pseudo Chinaman name. Who cares really? other than I am able to divulge thoughts and feeling as a human and a fellow Malaysian without the typical rhetoric of One Malaysian or the Malaysian First as this issue clearly shows how decapitated and morally handicapped we are for our fellow Malaysian irrespective of their origin.

I am a Chinaman, proud of my origin, my people and their achievement but more so I am human first in Malaysia as I did not live in China but Malaysia where my brothers and sisters of the multicultural ethnicity created me and cultivated me as a Malaysian.

I write this because, I am ashamed that no Chinaman, Malayman or even any one besides an Indian in Malaysia had written to voiced their grouses against such an inept reflection of my fellow Malaysian Indians as this is not true for the Malaysian Indians that we know of.

We must not confuse dissent with loyalty. Dissent is freedom for all; loyalty is similar to One Malaysia from UMNO (the known devil) and Malaysia First from PAKATAN ( the unknown Devil) that fits our own agenda for their agenda.

Tzu- the invicible

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