Probing Anwar for 'terror' links! WOW, what next?

Written by J. D. Lovrenciear

What is the next biggest joke on the Malaysian political frontier? Perhaps we should start some kind of lottery betting on-line to get the most accurate answer -- one could turn into an instant millionaire at the rate the politicians are spewing out big time news and suspense these days.

Even before his infinite Sodomy Part II saga can be nailed, the government now has to get cracking on a possible terrorist link concern. Boy, oh boy, this certainly beats to death even the famed Sherlock Holmes and fades into oblivion Agatha Christy's world famous "Mousetrap".

We have missing immigration records, but that is still not resolved. We have military grade C4 being misused and crawling out from bolted safe keeping. And seemingly that is not a threat to national security.

Perhaps the global community of security minded watchdogs should hunt the flaw down before more countries start meddling their own immigration records especially now that the US Secretary of State has personally told our DPM that other developing nations must emulate our track records.

The working rakyat are all crying and cracking under the yoke of rising food bills every other week and that is not a priority or national threat to say the least.

But running rabbits over some talk of Anwar being a possible terror link beats all our Malaysia Boleh records.

In any case, if Anwar is found guilty of this crime then all the opposition members and their leaders are also guilty of being accomplice - No? And that means all of them also have to go behind high security bars.

Please politicians, stop staking your own countrymen against the wall. Stop making all Malaysians look suspicious in the eyes of the global community.The price will be too high to bail out Malaysia eventually.

If there is any ground for reasonable suspicion by all means do your work diligently and quietly instead of showing the scared-to-death-rabbit symptoms. We have enough of silly dramas that are already making the nation look like a back water opera house.

What a way to spoil the long holiday this Chinese New Year.

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