CALL FOR ELECTION NOW, don't let corruption swamp us - Anwar tells Najib

CALL FOR ELECTION NOW, don't let corruption swamp us - Anwar tells Najib
Opposition Leader Anwar Ibrahim told Prime Minister Najib Razak to call for general elections as soon as possible " so that the people can decide" rather than to let 'out-of-control' corruption swamp the country and decimate the national coffers.
"The utter silence from them show their total abdical of responsibility... their poor leadership and lack of governance. We would seek that the call for general election as soon as possible so that he people can decide," Anwar told a press conference on Thursday.
He was responding to a question on the lack of response by the Najib administration to a string of corruption scandals recently brought to the fore by former IGP Musa Hassan and controversial businessman Deepak Jaikishan.
The 64-year-old Anwar, widely touted to be Malaysia's next prime minister, chided Najib and his Umno-BN government for refusing to clear the air over the latest corruption expose's or to acknowledge two disturbing international reports that have roiled investors and shocked the nation.
"Our ranking on the Transparency International index has continued to slip and they did not even bother to respond to the Global Financial Integrity report," said Anwar.
Anwar also said that the GFI had agreed to participate in a roundtable to discuss Malaysia's shock rise in illicit outflows that amounted to RM200 billion in 2010 and RM857 billion for the 10 years from 2001 to 2010.
"GFI has replied to our letter and the tentative date for the roundtable will be January 17," said PKR strategic director Rafizi Ramli, who was also present at the press conference.

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