Indonesians, Filipinos and Pakistanis – had managed obtain ‘instant’ citizenships but Indians denied

A commotion erupted at the Penang National Registration Department (NRD) when police tried to prevent protestors holding red identity cards (IC) from entering the premises.
About 30 red IC holders and their families and several assemblypersons from Pakatan Rakyat earlier gathered at Larut Road this morning before marching to the NRD office in Anson Road.
NONEThe group, led by PKR vice-chief N Surendran, included senior citizens and children who had failed to obtain blue ICs from the NRD.
When they arrived at their destination, a commotion erupted when the police tried to prevent them from entering the building.
“This is unlawful and illegal,” said Surendran.
One protestor shouted “the police is sabotaging us!”
Latheefa Koya from the NGO Lawyers for Liberty said the police had threatened to arrest them.
They were accompanied by many supporters and Pakatan state reps like Sim Tze Tzin (Pantai Jerejak), Jason Ong (Kebun Bunga), and Ng Wei Aik (Komtar).
There were also several individuals with green ICs joining the rally.
Access eventually granted
After the Pakatan leaders had negotiated with the police, the group was allowed to enter the building.
They sat down at the lobby and waited for further action from the NRD.
Earlier, the 100 metre procession did not disrupt traffic flow as police and the state’s volunteer patrol unit managed traffic and guided the way.
NONEThey carried banners with the slogan ‘duduk’ and ‘bantah’ and chanted “hidup rakyat”.
Before the walk, Surendran (right) said the group wanted the NRD to process their applications immediately.
“They are ordinary citizens. Why are they denied their blue ICs?” he asked.
The event was prompted by the many complaints PKR state offices received from stateless people, including those with red ICs.
Also they were incensed at the revelations in the ongoing Royal Commission of Inquiry in Sabah on immigrants which revealed that foreigners – Indonesians, Filipinos and Pakistanis – had managed obtain ‘instant’ citizenships.
This is in stark contrast to many born and bred in Malaysia, and where their citizenship applications could take years to process.

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