I refer to the recent lift on the ban of Hindraf by the Government vide a letter dated 25th January 2013.

Since the lift of the ban, we found certain irresponsible parties have taken advantage on the situation and have issued statements that run contrary to the principles of Hindraf. Bloggers and cyber troopers have gone on a spree of speculations as Hindraf did not come up with an immediate response to the lift of the ban.

Hindraf wishes to reiterate that its silence is due to the fact that I have been away in the United Kingdom and Europe on urgent matters and it has been the principle of Hindraf to get consensus amongst its Central Executive Committee before responding to any crucial matters such as the lift of the ban and our future directions. However we are disappointed the media and bloggers have jumped on the issue and have made various unfair insinuations.

Hindraf has made its position very clear from the very beginning that its duties are to find permanent solutions to the 55 year old problems plaguing the Indian community. Politicians from both divide of the politics have thus far not come up with any concrete solutions to the problems faced by the Malaysian Indian community but have instead used  problems of the poor to gain mileage and further their political ambitions. Mere rhetoric of “Change” and throwing crumbs of millions of Ringgit here and there are not permanent solutions that the lower rung community seek. Hindraf has been working with the poor who have been neglected and their voice silenced. We know their predicament better than anyone else. We will not be dictated as to what is best for them. We know what is best for them.

We wish to warn all those concerned - Anyone who comes on our way to derail our Blueprint- a 5 year palpable plan to bring the poor and marginalised communities into the mainstream national economy would have to live to regret their actions much later. We at Hindraf have nothing to lose for we are convinced that we have to take the community out of the neo slavery condition that they live in. We have fought many battles, and have won and lost and suffered much. There has not been a single Organisation in Malaysia that has gone through what Hindraf faced.  All these have made us resolute and focussed to face whatever challenges that may come our way. Nothing can hurt us more as we have endured many challenges before.

An urgent meeting is fixed for the 3rd of February 2013 for the Hindraf CEC to decide on the directions of Hindraf. We are in active negotiations with PKR and the Pakatan Rakyat leaders for almost 4 months though nothing concrete has come out of the discussions. We would however do all within our capacity to find a win win situation. The meeting on the 3rd   would also reach a decision and whether to accept the invitation of the Minister in PM Department Dato Nazri Aziz to have a dialogue with the Prime Minister.

P.Waytha Moorthy

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