Why no noise from PM against UMNO's brother Perkasa?

Why is Najib mum on Perkasa's call for the burning of Malay bibles and why doesn't anyone in Umno dare to tegur Ibrahim Ali or Perkasa?
The Umno-led Barisan Nasional federal government leaders only look after the financial interest of themselves, their families and cronies. We must wipe out corruption to bring real benefits to the rakyat and country.
For this to be realised, the BN must go.
Pakatan Rakyat is committed to poverty eradication and is confident of raising the monthly income of families who are now RM1,500 and below to RM4,000 in its first term of governance.

Give us the opportunity and chance to show what we can do for the rakyat and country in five years. It is still your choice to change if you are not satisfied with our performance.

We will govern with integrity and responsibility.

The tens of billions of ringgit in savings from leakages or corruption and the prudent use of oil revenue will finance people-centric fiscal measures that can fast track the socio-economic growth of Malaysians and country.

Pakatan de facto leader Anwar Ibrahim has the credentials and track record to ensure success. He achieved budget surpluses in his last five years as finance minister and deputy prime minister.
All other finance ministers have never achieved a budget surplus.

Prime Minister Najib Tun Razak can only show a capital flight of RM1 trillion and a federal debt of RM620 billion (including off Budget liabilities or sovereign guarantees for private corporations like the Port Klang Free Zone and government-linked company loans ending 2011) in his four years in office.

Malaysians and their country are slowly but surely heading towards bankruptcy under Najib and BN.

Pakatan’s priorities
If the rakyat gives Pakatan the mandate to govern after the 13th general election, some of our major priorities are:

To implement measures to raise salaries and wages;
To reduce the retail price of oil to lower the cost of transportation of goods and services thereby triggering a domino effect in cheaper essentials;

To scrap the Automated Enforcement System (AES) which is only aimed at enriching MCA and Umno cronies;

To implement reforms to stop the rot in education standards due to the lowering of grades to shore up “achievements”; and

Free education from primary to tertiary levels for all Malaysian children irrespective of race and religion.

Anwar recently told a crowd of about 8,000 that Islam is about peace and justice, not wealth accumulation.
It is about eradicating poverty. It is not about hate, arrogance and injustice. Who will respect Islam if it is used to propagate cruelty and threaten others, like the call to burn Bibles.

Muslims must eradicate rampant corruption in Malaysia as we are now labelled as Bapa Rasuah (Father of Corruption) by the world.

In governance, whether we are in power, whether you steal contracts, balak (timber) or lembu (cows), we are all accountable and responsible for our actions to Allah (God).

It is impossible to manipulate or cheat Allah. We all want to live in peace, why must Umno’s Perkasa call for the burning of Malay Bibles?

Why is Najib mum on this and no one dares to tegur Ibrahim Ali or Perkasa?

I am also not against business but I am against a government that exploits the poor through raising prices of essentials to feed unabated corruption.

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