Is Mahathir trying to dodge responsibility, or are we about to witness his most evil to-date?

On 17th January, given the evidence that had emerged from the ongoing RCI in Sabah, and no longer able to keep silent as he has in the past whenever he was confronted with the issue of foreigners in Sabah having been given citizenship during his PMship, Mahathir finally admitted that this had happened but insisted that it had all been done in accordance with the law.
“Many of them in Sabah were not there for a day or two, but 20 or 30 years and can speak Malay. They have the right to be citizens”, Malaysiakini reports him as saying.

What he is then reported to have said, for many, was Mahathir sinking to the lowest.
Malaysiakini reports that Mahathir “claimed that the first prime minister, Tunku Abdul Rahman, had done worse by giving citizenship to one million unqualified people in peninsula Malaysia, and lamented that no one had made it an issue”.

As at the time of writing up this post, that Malaysiakini report drew 392 comments, many heaping contempt on Mahathir for trying to sully Tunku’s name by equating the sordid business of immigrants, mostly illegal, in Sabah, being given citizenship with that conferred on those who had long lived in the peninsula leading up to the formation of the federation of Malaya.

Two days later, on 19th January, speaking at a PERKASA do in Penang, Mahathir takes this a step further.
Now he calls on the government to set up an RCI to probe if the one million “foreigners”, who were given citizenship during independence were entitled to it. FMT has the report HERE.

He does not just stop there, though.
FMT reports that he lamented that instead of being grateful to Malay kindness, the immigrants were now plotting to remove the Malay privileges.

“…they even want to seize Malay political power now”, Mahathir is reported to have said.
Now, whilst Mahathir is also reported to have said that he was not serious about the suggestion of an RCI to look into the conferment of citizenship prior to independence, you must know that two days before, another ethnic Indian cum Article 160(2) Malay n_24syedakhbar, much like Mahathir himself, had already mooted this idea.
Remember Mahathir’s chief spin doctor, the Munafiq Extraordinaire?
If you don’t, you can find out about him in my earlier post HERE.

Yes, Mahathir’s key adviser once wrote this of the Muslim prayer : the sick Arabs have conned millions of people into raising their arse above their heads five times a day — supposedly in prayer. Ass holes! Staring up each others backsides! 

This Article 160 (2) Malay wrote this in his blog two days before Mahathir spoke in Penang : Allow me to irritate our other immigrant citizenry : would it be too out of place to suggest that we have a Royal Commission of Inquiry to investigate why 1.0 million immigrants (mostly Chinese and Indians) were given citizenship in Malaya in the 1950s?  

So please do not imagine that what Mahathir said in Penang was off-the-cuff and unplanned.
You will also note that at the same do in Penang, Ibrahim Ali made his call to Muslims to seize and burn copies of Bibles which contain the term “Allah” or other Arabic religious words.

That same day, another of Mahathir’s allies, Kadir Jasin, wrote this in his blog : It is also interesting that the issue of the Filipino immigrants in Sabah should reach the crescendo at the time when the Christians are demanding that they be allowed to use the term “Allah” in their Malay language Bible in the Peninsula and also the time when the Malays and Muslims are perceived be divided and weak.

Do you see a pattern of sorts?

See how Utusan has reported what Mahathir said in Penang HERE.

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