IGP must resign for failures of his force

The death in custody of Chang Chin Te on Jan 14 and security guard C Sugumaran on Jan 23 after he was apprehended by the police marked the bloody beginning of 2013.

It brings the total number to 217 since 2000.

Suaram takes the PDRM to task and calls for the resignation of the Inspector General of Police. The force has lost its credibility among the people.

PDRM has earned its reputation as the agent for immediate death sentence for detainees. The police seem to have little regard to the values of a human life.

Suaram does not want another bloody year ahead. The country is in desperate need of immediate reforms of the PDRM.

It has to start with the IGP stepping down for these reasons:
1 Non-stop of death in custodies
2 No immediate or proactive actions to stop death in custody cases
3 No sense of pushing for immediate inquest
4 Deaf on formation of the Independent Police Complaints and Misconduct Commission (IPCMC)
5 Does not claim responsibility for the action of his subordinates.
Suaram calls for the IGP to resign. Ismail Omar must take full responsibility of the recurring deaths in custody under his violent and impune administration.
More death and killings would happen if the police force is not reformed immediately.

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