I am Malaysian: Feb 15 hearing for 13-year-old vs NRD

KUALA LUMPUR - The High Court will, on Feb 15, hear an application to strike out a suit brought by a 13-year-old girl seeking a declaration to compel the National Registration Department (NRD) to issue her a MyKad and recognise her as a Malaysian citizen.

Lawyer Annou Xavier, representing the girl, known only as Yanesha (pix), told reporters that Justice Rosilah Yop fixed the date after a hearing in chambers today.

He said the application to strike out the suit was made by senior federal counsel Maisarah Juhari. Xavier added that the application involved issues of irregularity and timing in Yanesha's application.
The case had originally been set for hearing today.

Yanesha, the daughter of a Malaysian Indian father and Filipino mother, is seeking a declaration that she is a Malaysian citizen within the meaning of Articles 14(1), 15(2) and 15A of the Federal Constitution.

She is also seeking a declaration that the NRD issue her a birth certificate stating that she is a Malaysian citizen and a MyKad. Yanesha, who was born on May 3 1999, was issued a birth certificate stating that she is not a citizen, or "bukan warganegara".

"Without her MyKad, she will not be able to sit for exams and she has to explain to school authorities as to why she has to be enrolled," said Xavier.

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