DAP MP slams ‘shameless’ Umno

G Vinod | January 25, 2013
Tony Pua says it is shameless for the Kota Raja Umno chief to justify an alleged land grab in Shah Alam as a matter of 'public interest'.
PETALING JAYA: It is shameless for Umno leaders to equate the party’s interest with public interest, said Petaling Jaya Utara MP Tony Pua.
He was referring to an alleged land grab issue involving Kota Raja Umno division chief Amzah Umar, who was said to have paid only RM1,000 for four acres worth RM2.8 million located in Section 25, Shah Alam.
The case, which happened during the Barisan Nasional administration of Selangor, was exposed by two state Pakatan Rakyat assemblymen, Ng Suee Lim and Shuhaimi Shafiei, yesterday.
The land was initially slated for the building of a sports and recreation complex with a community centre. However, the site now housed several nearly completed apartments and shoplots.
In a news report, Amzah had defended the deal, saying the housing project was meant for “public interest”.
“The project is beneficial to the public because Umno members can get a 12% discount at the apartments while ordinary Bumiputeras can get 7% discount,” he said.

Umno shows no remorse
Pua said that Umno had shown no remorse over its “corrupt practices” and would “continue to plunder the nation’s wealth” if elected back into power.
“And Amzah has the cheek to deny the existence of anything unusual in the deal,” he added.
The DAP leader urged Selangor BN to reveal all such projects of “public interest” so that the profits made could be returned to the state government for the benefit of the rakyat.
He also urged Selangor Umno chairman Najib Tun Razak to get his house in order and accept responsibility for the alleged land grab.
“If he doesn’t do so, it will show that Najib’s call for transformation is nothing but an empty rhetoric to hoodwink Malaysians,” he added.

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