Mafrel, Pusat Komas to go on nationwide tour

Alyaa Azhar | January 10, 2013
The public will be informed on the necessity to have observers for the upcoming general election.
PETALING JAYA: Election watchdog groups Malaysians for Free and Fair Elections (Mafrel) and Pusat Komas will undertake a nationwide tour to inform the rakyat on the necessity to have observers, from the public, during the upcoming 13th general election.
In assisting Bersih, a coalition of non-governmental organisations fighting for free and fair elections, the two goups hope to mobilise as many as 10,000 volunteers to work as observers during the all-important election.
Bersih is currently recruiting volunteers from the public to act as observers during the election, expected to be called within the next three months.
Mafrel, being an election observation and monitoring organisation, said that in the coming weeks, it will conduct training sessions and registration for volunteers at all states and major cities all over the country.
It will kick off in Sibu, Sarawak, on Jan 19, Kuala Lumpur and Selangor (Jan 30) and another in Johor Baru (Feb 2).
Mafrel chief Syed Ibrahim Syed Noh said Mafrel is currently arranging a briefing schedule for the country.
“We would need help from volunteers to help coordinate the campaign and convince the general public to come as observers,” he said.
The briefings will be conducted to inform the general public of Mafrel’s intention and objective to have observers for the upcoming election.
As for the potential observers, they will be informed of their role and responsibilities, trained to follow the code of conduct and to sign a pledge of being observers.
“They will later be informed on where they will be deployed. The observers will be involved to cover the campaign and on polling day itself. We expect 10,000 people to volunteer as observers and we also hope for everyone to be involved as the campaign is open for all.”
Currently, Bersih together with Mafrel and Pusat Komas have about 1,000 volunteers but expect this number to swell to 10,000 volunteers by the end of this month.
Syed Ibrahim said that as responsible Malaysian citizens, everyone should get involved.
“We also hope that the young will get involved as they should be included in the democratic process of this country.
“As I’ve mentioned, the campaign is open to all regardless of age. Everyone is welcome to participate,” he said.

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