Mahathir & MIC should answer where South Indian Labour Fund amounting to TRILLIONS vanished

During the British rule, a South Indian Labour Fund was set up primarily as a pension cum repatriation plan for the indentured Indians who, having completed their stint in Malaya, now wished to go back.

Upon independence, the British released this fund to the locals and it was indeed administered for the benefit of these labourers. 

This explains how the fund was dissolved but what has happened to it now? What was the original amount given by the British? What is its value when it was dissolved in 1999? What happened to all the property? 

The value of it, 1958 to 1999, must be equivalent to trillions today. Who had decided to give it up? Were the opinions of the Indians sought? Or was Samy Vellu only consulted? 

It looks like the government had taken over the fund. Where is the money now and who benefitted when it was dissolved? 

Indians must look into this issue seriously and investigate where the money went to. 

What form of action can we take to retrieve the money that is rightfully ours? 

Are we not living in a democratic country where nobody can take what is ours?

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