Malaysia a ‘coward nation’

K Pragalath | January 27, 2013
Taslima Nasreen, a controversial writer has sent out a scathing twit about Malaysia's move to ban Vishwaroopam.
PETALING JAYA: Controversial Bangladeshi author Taslima Nasreen has described Malaysia as a “coward” nation following Home Minister Hishamuddin Hussein’s decision to suspend the screening of Tamil movie, Vishwaroopam.
“Malaysia banned Vishwaroopam. Coward countries will ban it, coward cinemas will not show it.
“This fear of Muslim fanatics is just plain stupid,” said Taslima on Twitter after news of the suspension was reported by the Indian media yesterday.
Taslima courted controversy in 1993 after a book that she wrote entitled Lajja criticised the implementation of the sharia law.
Muslims in Bangladesh called for her death and this led to her decision to live in exile in India.
Taslima is not the first to criticise Malaysia’s decision.
Yesterday, Malaysia’s National Laureate A Samad Said questioned the rationale of the suspension by the Film Censorship Board (LPF) since it saw no harm in allowing Hindi film Race 2 from being screened.
Vishwaroopam was suspended last Friday after cinemas began screening the movie.
The movie has also been banned in Singapore and several other countries

Lift ban, says Hindraf
Vishwaroopam is a spy thriller directed, co-produced and starring South Indian film star, Kamal Haasan.
The movie revolves around international terrorism and Kamal Haasan dons three roles – an Indian classical dancer, Indian anti-terrorism agent and an agent who infiltrates a terrorist group.
LPF’s enforcement and control division secretary Razak Derahman told FMT that the screening of Viswaroopam was suspended on the orders of Home Minister Hishammuddin Hussein.
According to Razak, the Malaysian Indian Muslim Youth Movement sent a memorandum to the Home Ministry on Wednesday to oppose the screening of the movie that is alleged to hurt the religious sensitivities of Muslims.
Meanwhile Hindraf has called for the ban to be lifted.
Hindraf chairman P Waytha Moorthy said the suspension was uncalled for given that movie’s theme on international terrorism was not different from many other Hollywood and Indian movies with similar themes, which were not banned.
“Why pick on this movie when so many Hollywood movies with similar themes were allowed screening?” he had asked.

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