Pakatan rule dangerous only for Mahathir, BN leaders & Cronies

YOURSAY ‘Yes, Pakatan rule would be very dangerous. But only for those who abused their powers in the past and must be held accountable for their actions.'

Mahathir: Even 5 years for Pakatan is dangerous

your sayAbsalom: Former PM Dr Mahathir Mohamad, you are indeed being very magnanimous and caring, in warning us about the dangers of change, of how very bad a choice it would be to let Opposition Leader Anwar Ibrahim and Pakatan Rakyat rule even for one term, what financial disaster could happen, of nepotism, cronyism, injustice and greed, things that were unheard of during your rule.

Your concern for the country is so great that you keep reminding us never to change and if you could help it, I am sure you would remain in charge and take care of our well-being at this ripe old age and maybe even into your next birth.

It's just so shocking that some people think the worst that Pakatan can possibly do to the country won't be half as bad as what you and your successors in BN have already done, don't you think?

Starr: If five years for a Pakatan term of government can be described as dangerous, what about 55 years of a corrupt Umno-BN government?

Surely, we can afford a change of government for it is a necessity of progress. Mahathir for all his wisdom, must realise Umno-BN have no monopoly of the right to govern the country perpetually.

The essence of democracy detects periodic changes of administration for better governance, more responsible and more accountable government.

The results of a single party rule over 55 years are clearly evident. If anyone one fails to see the declining state of our country over the period because of bad governance, he/she should go and have his/her sights examined.

Kingfisher: Utterly amusing remarks from Mahathir considering that his own record of two decades of leadership, which has been laid bare, belies his comments.

He seems to be one of kind in his total disregard for rational acknowledgments of one's glaring inadequacies and faults as compared to achievements.

He seems to have no clue (or refuses to acknowledge) of the long-term negative opportunity costs Malaysians could have avoided for the very same attainments.

His two-decade leadership is increasingly seen as a discredit to the nation. Not enough can ever be said of this seemingly singular exponent of a new national maxim that communities can continuously ignore lack of capacity and even condone abuses by recourse to special privileges.
WangMalaysia: Five years of Pakatan rule is indeed very dangerous. People like Mahathir and all his cohorts in Umno, MCA, MIC and the mosquito parties in BN will probably be sent behind bars for all their transgressions over the years BN has been in power.

Hence, he cannot allow Malaysians put Pakatan in Putrajaya.

Fair Play: Yes, Pakatan rule would be very dangerous. But for sure, not to the rakyat. Only to those who abused their powers in the past and must be held accountable for their actions.

Vgeorgemy: We have seen how South Korea was humiliated during 1998 financial crisis. During that period Mahathir used South Korea as an example to inject fear into Malaysians so that we would take his prescription. Today South Korea is one of the richest countries in the world.

With hindsight, we know you were wrong in 1998. Tun, if we have an independent civil service, we wouldn't have to worry about who is running the country. Indeed, you destroyed all government institutions to suit you and your cronies.

Anonymous_5fb: What's wrong if Anwar Ibrahim has the ambition to be PM of Malaysia? It's as if only you who can be PM, and others, especially those disliked by you, can't.

Who are you to say who can or cannot be PM of Malaysia? Who do you think you are?

Not Confused: This senile octagenarian is at it again. He is truly the most outrageous hypocrite of the 20th (and now 21st) century.

BN spend the majority of their time and effort in corrupting the entire civil service. Most of the largest GLCs (government-linked companies) and government-linked NGOs are riddled with family members of those in power.

Yet this bigot of the highest order has the temerity to suggest that Pakatan can ruin the country in five years. I beg to differ. BN has been ruining the country over and over for 50 years now and it is now almost on its knees.

Mahathir, like his cronies and sycophantic supporters, is showing all the signs of a really, scared and desperate man. So he should.

When Pakatan assumes control in Putrajaya, the country will begin to recover (true, it will take a considerable amount of time to reverse the corruption and fraud within the administration). If Mahathir has his way, we are all doomed.

Changeagent: Mahathir, why are you only talking about the IMF solutions that never saw the light of day in 1998?

Why not talk about the cows, condominiums, crony bailouts, million-ringgit rings and submarines - all of which can also bankrupt the nation?

Tholu: Before, Mahathir confidently brushed off Pakatan as "no threat" to BN. Now he urges the voters not to vote for Pakatan.
If Pakatan is not a threat, why urge the people to vote against it? The truth that Pakatan is a force to reckon with and that it is a formidable challenger to BN is sinking in into his ego.

Tomorrow he is going to not just advise, urge and plead but he is going to literally beg the voters not to vote for Pakatan.

He knows that if Pakatan comes to power, his children and his cronies are all going to be probed and possibly charged in court for financial crimes.

Yes, he who says Pakatan will practice nepotism and cronyism is the one who had children and cronies benefiting illegally during his tenure as the PM.

Anonymous #36950150: Fifty over years of the devil's rule is enough so let us give the angel a try and see what they have to offer.
For we, the rakyat, will always have the power to change. - Malaysiakini

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