‘Police murdered security guard’

K Pragalath | January 24, 2013
PKR vice-president N Surendran also claimed the police conspired with Serdang Hospital to deny the family their right to see his body.
PETALING JAYA: PKR vice-president N Surendran today accused the police of murder in the death of security guard C Sugumar in Hulu Langat yesterday evening.
He also charged that the police conspired with the Serdang Hospital to cover up the case.
“It is murder by the police. The cover-up is clear. Serdang Hospital is not allowing the family of the deceased to see the body on the instructions of the police.
“They [hospital] have also not conducted a post-mortem,” said Surendran, who was at the hospital mortuary with the family of the deceased.
Sugumar, 40, a bachelor, the youngest in the family, has two brothers.
According to PKR human rights and legal bureau deputy chief, S Jayathas, Sugumar was involved in an argument with some people in Sri Nanding, Hulu Langat, yesterday evening.

Policeman stepped on Sugumar
The police, who were informed about the brawl, arrived at the scene. Sugumar tried to run but the police handcuffed him, Jayathas said.
“The police and the public bashed up Sugumar. A policeman stepped on Sugumar’s neckwhile another smeared his face with turmeric powder, and he died,” he claimed.
Sugumar’s body was brought to Serdang Hospital yesterday but no post-mortem has been conducted.
“The government has learnt nothing and continues to kill Indians in police custody,” said Surendran.
A police officer from the Hulu Langa

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