Ropiaah a BAD EXAMPLE for women esp Malay women until she explains role in LTAT deal - Zuraida

Ropiaah a BAD EXAMPLE for women esp Malay women until she explains role in LTAT deal - Zuraida
PKR Women's chief Zuraida Kamaruddin has called on Raja Ropiaah, the Selangor Umno women's chief, to explain her involvement in the LTAT land deal, where Ropiaah was accused of corruptly obtaining government land and on-selling it to several third parties including controversial business Deepak Jaikishan to reap profit.
According to Zuraida, the Ampang MP, the LTAT land deaL was complex and reeked of corruption.
"So far, Ropiaah has not uttered a word. She must come clean or step down. Such behaviour is scandalous and creates a bad image for Malaysian women as a whole and for Malay women in particular. It has become a stigma to be a Wanita Umno leader," Zuraida told Malaysia Chronicle on the sidelines of a press conference.
She was referring to another corruption scandal, the RM250 million NFC or Cow-gate scandal, involving Wanita Umno national chief Shahrizat Jalil. Shahrizat, who was controversially cleared by the MACC, was accused of abusing her political position to benefit her family and her husband charged for criminal breach of trust.
At the press conference earlier, Zuraida had also called on Prime Minister Najib Razak's wife Rosmah Mansor to declare her "innocence" if the allegations made by Deepak that he had bought 19 pieces of exclusive jewellery from Hong Kong worth US$ 3.9 million for her in exchange for Najib giving the green light to the LTAT deal were untrue.

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