ROSMAH SHOCKER: Deepak bought 19 pieces of jewellery worth US$ 3.9 MILLION for PM's WIFE?

ROSMAH SHOCKER: Deepak bought 19 pieces of jewellery worth US$ 3.9 MILLION for PM's WIFE?
PKR strategic director Rafizi Ramli dropped another bombshell in a series of expose's revealing the extent and amount of corruption Prime Minister Najib Razak and his wife were allegedly involved in.
Waving a sheaf of invoices obtained from a "third-party source", Rafizi showed how controversial businessman Deepak Jaikishan paid through his company Carpet Raya for several huge diamonds bought from top Hong Kong jewellers allegedly for Najib's wife Rosmah Mansor.
"Deepak has to come forward with more details and Rosmah has to come forward to clear the air because the word 'cincin' is a sensitive matter in Malaysia. The invoices so far show that Deepak's carpet firm paid for the diamonds but Rosmah's name is not there. Even so, these are very serius allegations made by Deepak and must be investigated," Rafizi told a press conference on Wednesday.
Rafizi added that the allegations took on a serious note given that Deepak has an existing complaint against the first couple over a Ministry of Defence land deal for which a unit of the Armed Forces pension fund (LTAT) has offered to pay Deepak RM30 million and Selangor Umno women's chief Raja Ropiaah RM130 million to resolve.
"The deal may be a method to silence Deepak but the MACC has refused to act. Why is the MACC not acting yet," PKR MP for Selayang William Leong, also at the press conference, told reporters.
"These documents showing the diamond purchases for Rosmah as alleged by Deepak are sufficient evidence that the MACC must probe to check their veracity. But why hasn't it done so? The diamond purchases are not frivolous allegations. The Boustead (LTAT) deal is not excuse for the MACC not to investigate. Now is the test for the MACC to use its powers to probe. I call on the MACC chief and the police chief to act without fear of favour."

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