Sabahan - Reject corrupted BN in GE13

Unless united, we are now hopelessly and hilariously outgunned by all these new, instant, and duplicate Malaysians.
I have been telling all and sundry that our state is best administered by a party or coalition of parties which are rooted locally and that the people of Sabah really need to topple the current state government, which is both useless and inane through the ballot box.
Barisan Nasional has not changed even a bit and none of its so-called transformations are real. It only knows how to keep blowing trumpets about non-existent developments, offering nothing in terms of specifics, and jabbing at the opposition and critics.
From the ongoing hearings conducted at the Royal Commission of Inquiry (RCI), we can now see the power of BN’s weapon of mass destruction and it is called “illegal immigrants” issued with identity cards and armed with voting rights.
On top of that, as from 2010, police personnel are now issued with two IDs: a civilian MyKad plus a police authority card; in other words, does this not mean that they can cast their votes twice?
Unless united, we are now hopelessly and hilariously outgunned by all these new, instant, and duplicate Malaysians. Are we now ready for a higher form of battle? Will we heed the war-cry that once brought down Mustapha Harun’s Usno government and subsequently Harris Salleh’s Berjaya government?
The peninsular opposition parties are forcing our hands; is there a deterrent? Are we more evolved now or are we still naïve and stupid?
We cannot deny reality that stares us in the face just because some of us are unable to explain it in more precise and emotional terms. There is no way out. This is personal to each and every one of us.
BN has hit us all, right where we live. It is tearing us apart. Divide and rule. BN is a full-tilt diva. It will cheat to conquer us.
Not only will BN parade its hollow victory with flowers, it will build monuments reaching the skies with its names plastered there at our expense while we struggle to feed our families.
Psychological famine
How many 50 years more can we continue to give victory to unscrupulous politicians in every election without realising the tremendous losses we have suffered to a tyrannical regime which only knew how to enslave and bully its citizens to the edge of insanity and loot the state of Sabah to the brink of bankruptcy?
Figuratively speaking, we are now facing a psychological famine which is turning real as each day passes by and if BN is returned to power again, we are doomed…!
For five decades, we have only woken up twice. We have to rise up again for the third time! We may not believe what we understand or we may not understand what we believe.
It is like telling our people that we have been victimised by these crazy ideas and trying to get them to ditch these crazy ideas is like taking the poisonous puffer fish away from a cat. You have to chuck BN out before the venom kills you.
Opposition politicians from peninsula-based parties are telling us we need them to protect us; no, it is wrong; we need to protect ourselves from them.
They claimed to have studied our needs but they have not actually studied themselves first to find out whether their minds are properly calibrated and that they themselves are reliable.
They can never come close to understanding our lives and needs in Sabah; they have absolutely no idea what our journey is all about; they know not our limits and never take us seriously; every time they come and say they know what is best for us, we better be careful.
There is only one truth and that is not to expect anything from anyone but ourselves. Their intentions are never pure; we only ended up with monsters.
Read about the Pakatan Rakyat states and you will discover they are the same as BN. Read about our DAP YB and you will be shocked at his dishonesty.
What are our longings and desires? What are our demands? They are deep, painful, and urgent. They come from a people forced to live like second-class citizens in our own country.
Have we finally open up our eyes and voraciously demand light? We cannot live in denial forever.
We have to be our own hero. We cannot vote for BN or Pakatan again, it is illegal and unhygienic to recycle used and dirtied toilet paper.
This is my battle cry to the valiant people of Sabah:
Sabah bagaikan syurga di bumi
Menarik perhatian di semua pelusuk dunia
Sabah bagaikan ibu saya sendiri
Menyara hidup dan tunjang masa depan saya
Gunung-ganang, tanah rata, sungai dan laut, malah langitNya juga
Menjadi pedoman harian saya
Pemimpin mudaNya megah dan bijaksana
Revolusi minda sekali lagi sedarkan rakyatNya
Seluruh dunia sedang perhatikan kita
Kerana rakyat Sabah yang bersatu-padu amatlah ditakuti
KERINGKAN air mata yang mengiringi tangisan sengsara
BANGKITLAH rakyat Sabah menentang kezaliman
BONGKARKAN segala pendustaan
HENTIKAN semua penindasan ke atas rakyat Sabah
TUNTUT kembali hak dan sumber kita
UNDILAH parti pembangkang dari Sabah…!

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