subramaniam in hot soup for vocational education under @myksm

Dear Minister of Human Resources, your DG, Datuk Dr Pang Chau Leong must stop lying to the public, if he still has any dignity and self-respect left. Can you explain within which framework of the MALAYSIAN law and powers entitles your officers of Human Resources Ministry to tell us lies after lies to the public, in view of your tweet: "@kvssubra: @leongyookkong the DG told me that he is handling it within the framework of law and his powers"?

i) Your Senior Assistant Director, Encik Md Nayan bin Abdullah openly lied in the Penang Consumers Claim Tribunal on 5.1.10 by telling the registration date of Wai Liang is 1.1.08?

ii) Your Director, Puan Meena a/p Ramalingam told anothet lie on 16.4.12 when she submitted the student registration record stating the registration date is 7.1.08?

NOTE: Meena had heard what Md Nayan had testified in the Tribunal on 5.1.08 because she was present.

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Malaysian Indian Ethnic Cleansing by UMNO led government