The Malaysian Indians and Hindraf

Sometimes we have to ask ourselves- where do these so called analysts come from? Which planet? Arriving at some very preliminary and inconclusive summaries based on surveys made through telephone calls are risky. How do we authenticate the answers given? And there are so many other variables to consider- the character of the sample, sample size, the nature of the questions, the questioners. How do we know, the sample population asked is not the same one approached before and the one already existent in the data base?

Political predictions is not the dig-here-fill- there kind. It’s not tear-here- paste there kind. Unfortunately that seems to be the approach taken and journalists eagerly lap them up.

Take the findings on Hindraf recently. Analysts say because Hindraf has lost steam, the Indians will come back into the embrace of BN. how do we arrive at the conclusion that Hindraf has lost steam? Because the government has lifted the ban on them? Therefore Hindraf must have capitulated. It was all hot chicken sheet that has cooled down?

What was the extent of Indian support for Hindraf before? What was the nature of their support? Were they supportive of the physical presence of Hindraf or were they supportive of the idea that Hindraf represents? So now we can safely conclude since the grounds on which Hindraf stands are dug out, the same soil can be used to fill up elsewhere? Behind Najib’s house? Palanivel’s?

This would have to assume that the Malaysian Indians who supported Hindraf were bloody opportunists. They were a lot waiting for the tide to rise and their affairs re-set. Admittedly there will be a portion of the Hindraf supporters who will desert the idea that Hindraf represents and abandon its ideals because they are the group of people wanting immediate gratification. 
But what about those who supported Hindraf because of conviction and belief? They will hold on to the belief that Malaysian Indians are a marginalised lot and the only salvation will be to ally with forces that speak for them and of them in less docile and servile ways. They will not forget the insulting treatment visited upon Malaysian Indians stampeding with outstretched hands like beggars to get a miserable bag of goodies from Lord Najib a few weeks ago.

Will the Malaysian Indians allow themselves to be Semenyih-ed a thousand times more? 
Kadang2 kita bertanya pada diri kita- dari planet mana datang nya para penganalisa politik negara kita? Setakat membuat survey melalui panggilan taipon tidak mencukupi. Bagaimana kita mengesahkan authencity jawapan yang diberi? Dan banyak lagi angkubah2 penting yang diambil kira? Karakter sampel yang diambil? Jenis soalan yang dikemukakan.

Ramalan politik bukan gali sana, timbus sini punya kerja. Koyak sana, tampal sini. Sebagai contoh- para penganalisa kata oleh sebab gerakan Hindraf hilang steam, maka orang India akan kembali kepangkuan BN. berapa peratus orang India yang menyokong Hindraf sebelum ini? Sekarang bila HIndraf tidak ada atau hilang steam, penyokong HIndraf akan berhijrah ke pangkuan BN? gali sebelah hindaf, kambus sebelah BN? begitu? Kabus belakang rumah Najib? Rumah Palanivel?

Itu makna nya, semua orang India Malaysia yang menyokong Hindraf – mereka semua opportunis. Hendak ambil kesempatan buat deals? Tanggapan begini is an insult to Malaysian Indians. Those who support Hindraf are actually opportunists waiting for the rising tide to come. Tentu ada sebahagian yang menyokong Hindraf akan belot sebeb sebermula nya mereka melakukan demkian mengharapkan imbuhan segera- dalam bentuk apa pun. Tapi mereka yang menyokong hindraf kerana keyakinan dan kepercayaan bahawa nasib kaum India diabaikan oleh BN- mereka tetap akan menolak BN. dan golongan ini sebahagian besar dari penyokong Hindraf. Mereka tidak lupa, akan scenario kaum India diperlakukan sebagai peminta sedekah berebutan dan menghulur tangan mahukan sekampit beras dan bahan makanan.
Mahukah orang India di Semenyihkan seribu kali lagi?

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