Demolition of shrine illegal and unforgivable

I refer to the recent demolition of an alter built within a house compound by officers from the Sepang Municipal Council. This high handed, insensitive and selective action by the Pakatan Rakyat led government in Selangor ought to be condemned. I fully support MIC’s strong stance against the Sepang council’s barbaric action and its demand for an apology.
It was reported that the alter in the house was demolished as it was said to be built without the council’s approval. There are hundreds of alters of different shape and sizes built without permission in many Hindu, Buddhist and Christians houses in Sepang. In fact through out the country in many non Muslim houses its a religious and cultural practice to have or /built a small alter.
Generally these mini alters are built within the house compounds to offer daily prayers to the deities to seek divine help and protection. Are the authorities going to demolish all of these structures in the many hundreds of non Muslim houses in the Selangor state?
The Sepang Municipal Council’s intrusion into a private property (house) with sledgehammer-swinging officers is illegal and unforgivable. The SMC should have approached advice of the Malaysian Hindu Sangam on highly sensitive religious matters of this nature.
There is no need for such a provocative and dramatic action which has angered the public especially those of the Hindu faith. I would have supported the SMC officer’s demolition action if the structure has been built outside of the house compound or in a public place without permission but this is not the case.
In the past during the BN government’s rule I have not heard of any officers trespassing into a private house swinging sledgehammers dangerously in the name of upholding the law. This Sepang incident has created serious doubts in many non Muslims whether to trust the Pakatan Rakyat government to protect the religious rights of the minorities in the country.
Lately there were several highly charged sensitive incidents that has been affecting non Muslims in the Pakatan Rakyat governed states.These unpleasant incidents should not have occured in the first place and it has cast a doubt on the minds of the public especially the non Muslims on the sincerety and ability of Pakatan Rakyat to lead the country.
It appears that the Indians, especially the Hindus are again been exploited and manipulated by certain hidden hands or forces. As usual the Hindu Sangam which is supposed to be the guardian of the Hindu faith in the country will play it safe.
I urge the Hindu Sangam to view this ‘religious tresspass’ incident seriously and to work closely with like-minded NGOs to send a clear message to the Pakatan Rakyat authorities or their agents not to meddle with the religious sentiments of the minorities. Demand an apology for this blasphemous incident or teach them a lesson in the coming election.

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