Information Dept vehicles spotted near large MCA-Gerakan dinner venue

Several Information Department vehicles were spotted near the venue of a dinner tonight organised by the MCA and Gerakan in Butterworth.
An Information Department vehicle parked near the venue of the dinner while preparations were ongoing this afternoon.
Four Information Department vehicles were spotted parked within 100 metres of the venue, where some 200 tables had been laid out for the dinner tonight. The sides of the vehicles had the words “Jabatan Penerangan Malaysia”. So did their number-plates.
What are these Information Department vehicles – government machinery belonging to the people – doing there at the venue for an event organised by political parties? Is this going to be a trend in the coming general election?
Election Commission, would you care to comment?
I would urge everyone to keep an eye out for government machinery being used at political party events. We have to make a clear demarcation.
- anilnetto

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