Vell Paari’s statement is absolute lie.

Hindraf does not belief in dealing with proxy parties way back in 2007. Hindraf's blueprint is gaining momentum amongst grassroots Indians

I refer to the statement by Vel Paari’s  in FMT dated Nov 29th.

I wish to stress that at no time did Hindraf ever invite or engage MIC for talks in 2007. The statement by Vel Paari is an absolute lie and sinister in nature.

MIC and their leaders are still ignorant on the reasons for the rise of Hindraf. The Indian community have been enslaved for 55 years and the MIC has been used as a proxy party to pay lip service to the UMNO hegemony and create a false impression that the rights of Indians have been addressed adequately.

Hindraf was initiated to address the failure of political parties to find solutions to the problems that plague the Indian community.

It was Samy Velu the then MIC President who desperately called me on 22nd November 2007, 3 days before the mass rally for discussion. Samy Velu even volunteered to drive down to Ipoh immediately to meet me as I was then attending to a rally in Ipoh

But I turned his invitation down as it was too late and that we have lost absolute confidence in MIC.

Vel Paari is now making this call of “unity talk” as he is worried that Hindraf’s blueprint is picking up momentum amongst the grassroots Indians. The Indian community have expressed tremendous support to the proposals contained in the blueprint and we have been getting many phone calls from well wishers throughout the country who are willing to organize roadshows in their areas/towns. MIC and UMNO are now worried that they would lose the support of Indian voters forever now that Hindraf has gained momentum throughout the country over the last 4 months since my return.

Hindraf believes in a permanent, comprehensive and practical solutions to the problems faced by the Indian community. And the blueprint launched on Sunday 25/11/12 on the 5th Anniversary of the Hindraf rally is the only answer to resolve their problems and the grass roots Indians have now realised this.

Hindraf’s proposals contained in the blue print is beyond politics. Any good leader be it from BN or PR who is sincere in addressing the plight of a marginalised community will realise that what we seek for is basic human rights to be treated equally in rights and dignity.

Hindraf reiterates that it will never deal with any proxy parties  like MIC and stresses that what we seek is RIGHTS AND NOT MERCY. Our struggle is not limited to elections and gaining votes.

P.Waytha Moorthy.



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