Are there any original Malays around?

 I wonder how many real indigenous people are in the Bumiputra category - orang asli, east Malaysia indigenous peoples. Most of the Bumiputeras now are Melayu celup - Indian, Pakistani, Arab, Indonesian and even Filipino and Bangladeshi decedents whom are Muslims. 

Our country have been looted by the ruling class Malay through UMNO and their collaborators for the past 60 years.  The looting is done in the name of Malay and Bumiputras equity and continue to show statistics that the wealth distribution is not even. 

It will be interesting to check the wealth distribution of the Bumiputra classes - actual Malay Semananjung, Orang asli, Sabah & Sarawak indigenous people. 

The top 10 riches people in Malaysia are all non-Bumiputras and interestingly all non-Muslims. The list don’t have any of our politicians or Sultans. Not even Sultan Johor or Taib from Sarawak. These guys car collection itself outdo the richness of the people listed in the list. Do these guys declare their wealth; and do they even pay taxes. 

They keep on using statistics that Bumiputra is low equity - actually the one whom are in deplorable state are orang asli, the east Malaysia indigenous people and of course displaced Indians from the estates. 

The NEP’s original objective of “membasmi kemiskinan tanpa mengira kaum” has been side stepped. The wealth distribution policies - scholarships, equity distributors in businesses, business grants - who are the actual people who gets all these benefits?

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